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After watching the trailer for Swag and Sorcery I could not have been any more in. I (despite the mixed reviews) enjoyed Graveyard Keeper and was excited for what these guys were going to do next. Well, Swag and Sorcery is their next game and it is being called a “streamlined RPG” which does sound kind of interesting.

How to Download Swag and Sorcery

You can download Swag and Sorcery Review from Steam. To begin, click on the Download button. You will find it in the review.

The Game Review

Let me start with the best thing about the game and that is the presentation. Yes, you have seen this pixel/indie/retro art style a million times by this point. However, Swag and Sorcery really is a fantastic game and if you are anything like me it is these visuals that are going to get you into the game in the first place.

The idea of the game is that the king’s suit is missing and he does not care how many people have to die to get it back! Of course, you cannot do this on your own so you need pretty much a whole village in order to go and do this. You also need to go and get gold, XP and of course make and upgrade equipment.

So far it all sounds great, doesn’t it? And when you add in this sarcastic cat, who sounds kind of like Gilbert Gottfried it should be a slam dunk of a game. The problem is that there really is not a whole lot to do in Swag and Sorcery. You send your parties out to fight beasts and you can send three out at a time, but you do not actually take part in the battles.

You can watch them if you want and pull them out of battle if they are going to die. Yet, you cannot actually get in there and take part in the battles. You can decide what to do with the stuff that they earn such as make new clothes, improve items, get new weapons, new houses and so on. That is what makes up most of the gameplay in Swag and Sorcery.

The progression is rather slow and while the humor and those gorgeous pixel characters and settings had me for a while. After just a couple of hours, I was starting to feel that I was progressing at a snail’s pace and even worse was that I felt like had seen most of what the game had to offer. I hate to say it, but Swag and Sorcery feels more like a game I would get for free on my phone rather than pay ten bucks for on Steam.

To be fair the idea of this game is that it is a streamlined RPG and I do feel that they succeeded with their goal. While the gameplay is most certainly streamlined (and I do think some people will like that) the grind is not. The kind of gameplay that the game has really does not make the gameplay feel all that worthwhile.

I would say I have put around six or so hours into the game so far. For me, this is one of those games that are best played when you have Netflix on the TV or are watching sport. It works better as a game when you do not give it your full attention if you get what I am saying.

You have no idea how much I want to love Swag and Sorcery. I have a feeling that had I been able to actually explore and take part in the battles, I would freaking love this game. I do feel that there is an audience for this, but the grind is very severe so please know that going in. Had this been a free-to-play mobile game I could have seen it being a pretty big hit.

Swag and Sorcery
Swag and Sorcery is a fantasy role-playing game with little cute characters and colorful old-school graphics. Download it now.
7 Total Score
Swag and Sorcery Review Summary

  • I love the style of the game
  • Some of the jokes are so bad they are great
  • The cat who reminds me of Gilbert Gottfried is my new hero!
  • There is a lot of stuff to collect, upgrade and tinker with
  • It is very easy to learn
  • Not being able to actually fight is annoying
  • The grind is very, very brutal
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