Undertale is a game from an independent game developer Toby Fox. It is also his first commercial creation. Undertale is a role-playing game which gets back to the roots of the genre. Despite being an indie game the title has been a success and received recognition in the world.

How to Download Undertale

You can get the game from GOG or Steam. Click on the Download button below the review.

The Story of Undertale

The story of the game starts trivially. We are cast onto the world which ages ago was inhabited by two coexisting races of the humans and the monsters. But there have been disagreements between them which resulted in a long and bloody war. Finally, the humans defeated the monsters and imprisoned them in the dungeons. So the story doesn’t stand out, right? Wrong.

The plot of Undertale begins when the player as a young girl sets on a journey to reach the legendary mountain of Ebott. Running from the storm our character hides in a cave, where she finds a mysterious hole. Curious she leans over and falls inside, Alice in Wonderland style. The game’s full of Such references to the popular culture.

The Game Mechanics and the Graphics

The game mechanics are based on the well-known elements from the classic RPGs. Toby Fox plays with the cliches, adding irony and showing them in a totally different light. What distinguishes Undertale from other games is the way it is narrated. In the underground world, we will face hordes of monsters and many characters with unique personalities. The game tells its story in an engrossing and sometimes even funny way. The author every now and then refers directly to the player. The gags and hilarious dialogue are Undertale’s trademark. Undertale breaks all the conventions in a way that makes that catches the player by surprise and makes him laugh. An interesting solution is the possibility of completing the game without killing any opponent, which will certainly score points from the pacifists.

Graphically, the production resembles the classic games from the 80s and the 90s. The 8-bit style graphics and characteristic soundtrack bring to mind the games from the golden era of the Nintendo consoles.

For sure, Undertale is not for everyone. We will not find here graphical fireworks or cinematic action scenes. The game is meant for the player who is perhaps bored with schematic productions. Undertale is not linear and it gives the player free choice how he wants to go through the game. Despite the fact the there are many RPG games on the market that try to pose as 8-bit productions, Untertales stayed unmatched when style, humor, gameplay, and ingeniosity are concerned. Oh, and there is an Undertale demo available. So the game is free to download and try.

It’s worth to note that Toby Fox created the game practically single-handedly. He designed the combat mechanics, wrote the dialogue lines and composed the score. His only help was Temmie Chang, a freelance animator.

Undertale is an amazing RPG production which was acclaimed by the critics as the best game of all time. Download it and see why.
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