Deluxe Ski Jump 4 v1.10.2

Deluxe Ski Jump 4 is a game created for all the fans of ski jumping. The author of DSJ4 is the talented Finnish programmer Jussi Koskela. This is the fourth part of the series. With each subsequent release, the game gets better both in terms of available features and improved graphics. In Deluxe Ski Jump 4 the player has the opportunity to feel even more realistically like a real jumper. This ski jumping simulator takes the player on a journey to the most famous hills in the world.

How to Download Deluxe Ski Jump 4

DSJ 4 can be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website. There is also a free demo available that will allow you to familiarize yourself with the game, before deciding whether to buy the full version. To start the download, click on the Download button at the end of this review.

The Game Review

While the game does not impress with its graphics, especially when compared to modern high-budget titles, it looks nice and has its own charm. Moreover, it guarantees more fun than most of the new titles. The most important thing in Deluxe Ski Jump 4 is its incredible playability and the fact that this sport (ski jumping) is in fact very exciting.

DSJ 4 offers both single-player and multiplayer modes, thanks to which the friends can join the game and together you can have a great time. As for the game itself and its story, there are several ways to play – a training game, an individual competition, and a team competition.

In Deluxe Ski Jump 4 the player has the opportunity to learn what it feels like to jump and fly.  In the fourth installment of this popular series, you will find a cool feature that lets you observe your jump from many different perspectives. You can choose a side view, a view from behind the back, a bird’s eye view, as well as the view from various cameras placed on the hill.

For the game to imitate real life, a number of weather effects have been added. The wind can blow with different strengths and in any direction. You can experience snow or rain and fog. All of these factors can affect the flight of the jumper. By the same token, also the visibility can be significantly reduced. The hill can have a thin or a thick layer of snow – this, in turn, will affect the speed of the jumper on the in-run.

In order to master the game in different conditions, the player can preselect them in the training mode. Also, the length of the run-in can be set manually. The player also has the ability to perform jumps at different times of the day. In the case of evening jumps, the hill will be nicely illuminated. Thus the training mode gives you complete freedom. Only you decide how you’re going to improve your skills.

Deluxe Ski Jump 4 offers full three-dimensional graphics, which have significantly improved from its predecessor Deluxe Ski Jump 3. In this release of the game, much attention has been paid to the physics of jumping. The author focused, among other things, on the behavior of the player during the flight, but also took into account the reactions of the fans. in its review grants Deluxe Ski Jump the maximum score of 10 out of 10.

The Hardware Requirements for DSJ 4

Despite the increased hardware requirements when compared to previous games of the series, Deluxe Ski Jump 4 should not cause problems with launching the game on most computers, even on very old systems. Thus all that is left is to enjoy the game and become a master ski jumper, beating your friends live or by comparing the records. Here are the requirements for the game:

  • 5 GHz or faster processor
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 3D graphics card
  • a two-button mouse
  • optional – internet connection for the online features

Deluxe Ski Jump 4
Deluxe Ski Jump 4 is an arcade sports game in which you take part in the Ski Jumping World Cup. Download the game today and jump like the best ski jumpers of the world.
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