Golf With Your Friends

Golf With Your Friends is a downloadable, well-received sports game in which you can play as a golfer and compete with your friends in the multiplayer mode. Currently, the title is available in early access to the site, which means that all the time is being worked on (the devs release so-called Golf With Your Friends updates). The game has been developed and published by the indie studio Blacklight Interactive, for which it is the first commercial product. The title was released on January 30, 2016, and is available only on the PCs with Windows. For now, nothing is known about the version of Golf With Your Friends for PS4 or for Xbox One.

How to Download Golf With Your Friends

The game can be downloaded directly from the Steam website. To start the download, click on the Download button at the end of this review.

The Plot and the Gameplay

Golf With Your Friends does not have a clearly outlined plot, and the game is a variation on playing th eponymous sports discipline. If you’ve ever played minigolf, you can completely forget about this experience. Golf With Your Friends redefines what golf should be like. The colorful locations, and some well-thought-out and quite difficult levels, different game modes and the fact that even a few people can take part in the game at the same time are the features that really deserve a high rating. The game developers have prepared a number of different courses, each can be completed in many different ways. In fact, how the game will we played depends only on you, because you have the possibility to modify the gameplay parameters. You can change the physics of the golf ball, as well as its color and size. The game has also a system of achievements implemented, which allows you to compete with friends and compare your rankings.

The Game Mechanics of Golf With Your Friends

As far as the game mechanics go, the gamey only pretends to be a minigolf simulator. In fact, the game gives you unlimited possibilities how you will shape the experience. In addition to the classic modes, you can also create your own, in which you decide what the game will feel like. So basically you set the rules of the game. Each hole is a new challenge, and the ability to place secret passages and shortcuts on the course will make you spend long hours mastering your favorite holes.

The Graphics and the Physics in the Game

The physics engine in the game faithfully reflects the behavior of the golf ball, which gives you interesting opportunities in completing a round. You can successfully try to bounce the ball off the obstacles at different angles, hoping that this procedure will shorten your path to the hole. The audio and the graphics seem to be a bit childish but they fit very well with the enjoyable experience.

Have Fun with Your Friends

Golf With Your Friends provides the highest amount of fun in the multiplayer games when you can try your best against real opponents. For this reason, it is recommended for all kinds of parties. Also because of that the game is often featured in YouTube let’s play videos.

Golf With Your Friends
Golf With Your Friends is great minigolf fun. Play alone or with friends (which is much, much nicer!). Download the game now and check it out.
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