MLB The Show 18

An exciting gameplay representation of the sport of baseball, the MLB The Show 18 was introduced into the gaming world in March 2018. The game is solely designed for PlayStation 4. The developer of the game, SIE San Diego Studio and the publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment have produced the thirteenth sequel of the MLB The Show series. Compared to the previous set of the show, this one has better graphics, animated features and the introduction of new modified phases and modes. The improved features are available both in a single-player mode and multimode where a number of your friends can combine and play the sport together.

How to Download MLB The Show 18

To play MLB The Show 18 on your PS4 you need to download it from PlayStation Store. To start, click on the Download button at the end of this review. This is the 13th in the series of MLB The Show games and the first which has been released just for PS4.

The Game Review

MLB The Show 18 is a realistic baseball simulator in which just like the previous installments of the series, the player will have to recruit their teams. You can choose from the various Baseball Leagues and use that team to play the match. The rules and regulation of the gameplay are the same as the real baseball rules so getting the hang of the game should not be difficult. With more than 800 exotic animations including kicking, jumping and catching and throwing added, the user can be very flexible while controlling the character.

Right in the start, you have the opportunity to thoroughly personalizing your character, by choosing the different hairdos and eye color that would best suit your styles. You can further enhance skills of your character by gaining success in the match you will be playing. Since baseball is all about catching, pitching, batting and fielding, the user needs to get an edge over the controls thoroughly. When speaking of batting, the user will be provided with a swing timing display, the contact point, exiting velocity of the ball after being hit and most importantly the timing. All these details appear right in front of the screen while the batsman is batting which is essential as batting can sometimes be hard to control.

The same details have been met with players who are fielding and those who are pitching. Speaking about the background, the spectators present are incredibly cheerful and crazy. The game is also subject to a change of sudden weather conditions. On the other hand, the commentators do a fantastic job in keeping the players and the audiences closely informed about every little move that takes place in the field. In the previous versions of the series, you could upgrade your character’s skills by purchasing them. This, however, is no longer the case as related skills points are now added according to your performance in the field.

During the course of the matches, you will be required to have chats with the managers where you will be needed to take important decisions. New additions made to Franchise mode and the Diamond Dynasty mode have also made the sport even more exciting and tempting. From choosing the different archetypes to combining your own team members, the experience of MLB The Show 18 is worth all the time and effort for every Baseball fan.

MLB The Show 18
MLB The Show 18 is a baseball simulator designed for PlayStation 4. Download it now to enjoy this thrilling sport.
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