Mount Your Friends

Mount Your Friends is a downloadable game created by the Stegersaurus Software development studio. It is a computer game that can be described as a sports gymnastics game. Mount Your Friends is available on the website of its creator and via the digital download on Steam.

How to Download Mount Your Friends

To download the game from Steam, click on the Download button at the end of the review.

What This Game Is All About

Mount Your Friends is a game about building a tower of male bodies. However, the laws of physics or gravity are not strictly adhered to. Each limb is assigned a different button on the keyboard, which allows you to connect to another body to quickly climb to the top of the human tower. If you use a controller instead of the mouse and keyboard, you tilt it in the direction in which you want the limb to move. The users of mouse and keyboards work in a similar way. In any case, when the key or button is released, the limb sticks to the closest one that belongs to the previous character.

The foundation of the tower is a goat. When climbing, be careful, because any ill-conceived movement can lead to a fall. After reaching the top of the tower, the player freezes, which allows another character (and another player in multi) to play. The game provides singleplayer and multiplayer modes. In multi, you build human towers together with friends or against them.

During the game of Mount Your Friends, the player will fight gravity and produce screams of joy when the tower gets higher. You will inevitably also shriek with disappointment when your tower breaks apart and falls down on the sand. You must make sure that your character is stable enough so that the next player can climb upon easily and safely. All these activities take place within a certain time limit (each character must join the tower of the tower within a minute).

Mount Your Friends and the Controversy

The biggest influence on the success of the game is the crazy control and body physics. In addition, the fun aspect of the game is the way the male characters are dressed (only in briefs), which makes everyone laugh. It should also be mentioned that there is also Safe For Work Mode in the game, where the controlled characters are dressed in suits, which will allow you to play the unconcerned game in a public place. Thus you will not worry about the people peeking over your shoulder.

Because of its graphics and overall presentation, the game pushes the limits of good taste and arouses some controversy, and sometimes even disgust and embarrassment. Nevertheless, creating a high tower of human bodies in strange positions gives you a lot of satisfaction. For those who want to practice first, we have good news – Mount Your Friends also offers a training mode.

Hardware Requirements

The player who want to play Mount Your Friends need to make sure you that their hardware meets the following minimum specs:

  • 4 GHz processor Intel Pentium / AMD Athlon or better,
  • 2 GB RAM or more,
  • at least 200 MB of free hard disk space,
  • a graphics card compatible with DirectX 10.

Mount Your Friends
Mount Your Friends is a very simple game in which, alone or with friends, you create a hilarious looking tower made of human bodies. Download the game today and have a laugh.
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