Ancestors Legacy

Ancestors Legacy is a fast-paced RTS game that takes players through medieval Europe throughout extensive series of campaigns while playing as one of four nations (Viking, Anglo-Saxon, German, and Slav). Inspired by staying as true to history during the Middle Ages as possible, the game’s thematic references and cutscenes often become a joy to watch as they bring the game back to the raw bits of history we all love playing in.

How to Download Ancestors Legacy

The game is available for download from Steam or from To begin downloading click on the Download button which is placed towards the end of this review. You can enjoy Ancestors Legacy not only on Windows but also on Xbox One and PS4.

The Game Review

As it is an RTS, players must assemble their armies and use all factors such as unit type matchups, terrain, situational tactics, and positioning to eventually conquer all enemies ahead. An appealing feature to the game is also its cinematic action camera that captures any battles taking place in spectacular real-time. This way they bring battles to life beyond simple animations and bashing of units into each other.

Each nation holds its own preferred playstyle and mastering as well as learning the elements to each one will serve crucial in both preparation and the heat of battle. Learn and play through each nation through the campaign that holds enjoyable features beyond traditional annihilation such as stealth or through means of diplomacy. By focusing and building different archetypes of bases and resource, using their factors to add on in the smallest of things can cost or win over a thousand things later. And if the campaign ever gets too dull, the multiplayer is always the highlight of any RTS and Ancestors Legacy does not fail to deliver. Up to six players can be on the field at once with objectives of complete annihilation or controlling more villages (the bases for each player).

I personally think Ancestors Legacy was an awesome RTS especially with its art and animations that I absolutely love. The medieval and Middle Age theme was really well put forward and it makes all the difference when going to war. The game, however, is much faster than a normal RTS in my opinion as these bases or villages have a certain amount of complexity but not to the depth you may see in a game such as the StarCraft series where it is much more flexible as to what you can do.

It thus gives a greater focus on the action and tactical side of battle rather than the equal balance between all things during my time with the game as well as through watching. If doing the math on how much food and resources you need all the time was the chore of all RTS games for you, then you might want to check out Ancestors Legacy, although completely disregarding such aspects of the game would be very foolish and was not the intent of the statement.

Nevertheless, an excellent game with much more to come from the developers, Ancestors Legacy is an easy to pick up and hard to master type of game for anyone who loves a historical reference to the Middle Ages. For me being on the poorer end of the RTS spectrum as a player, AL proved to be quite fun despite the usual frustration I have with being completely destroyed by others. But hey, that’s what friends are for right?

Ancestors Legacy
Ancestors Legacy is a real strategy game set in a Medieval Europe. Pick one of the nations. then download the game to join large-scale brutal multiplayer tactical battles.
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