Antihero is a strategy game set in the Victorian era of Great Britain. During the game, the player assumes the on a mafia boss whose job is to manage his criminal organization. The person who was responsible for the production of the game was the independent creator Tim Conkling. He was also involved in the creation of Corps Craft. Antihero is, however, his debut commercial production. The title was released on July 10, 2017, and appeared on Android, iOS, and PC platforms.

How to Download Antihero

The game can be downloaded from Steam. The download is paid.

The Story

The plot of the game concerns the fate of a criminal organization operating in a stereotypical British city of the Victorian era. The game and the world it depicts are obviously inspired by the novels of Charles Dickens. The player will play as the boss of a small guild of thieves, and his task is to recruit people, make dirty money doing shady business, and to develop their organization. The creator of the game gives the player a great deal of freedom in how he’s going to achieve his criminal goals. You can choose a brutal way which means eliminating everyone who stands in your way or you can act more gently without necessarily murdering your rivals.

The Game Mechanics

The mechanics of the game are based on a strategic gameplay model that incorporates puzzle elements. The player controls the characters that are placed on a schematic map of the Victorian city. In order to move your subordinates, you click with a mouse to direct them where you want them to go. Their interactions have been visualized using simple animations. The city itself is caricatured and looks a bit exaggerated. It means that you have to deal with the typical attributes of the Victorian era: the overwhelming dirt, poverty, and ubiquitous darkness.

The system of expansion of your influence involves taking control of the districts of the city. To this end, homeless orphans need to be recruited and trained in a kind of academy. The trained children soon become your agents who can perform a variety of tasks. From debt collection and racketeering to robbery and contract killings. In order for your criminal organization to prosper unpunished, you have to infiltrate factories, banks, and political institutions. Sometimes violence is not the only possible solution, it is equally important to give bribes and act like a diplomat. The development of the guild also enables you to conduct research and discover new technologies and buildings.

The dark, dirty, and depressing 2D graphics definitely add to the game’s atmosphere. The title is also clearly inspired by the hit game Don’t Starve. There’s a similar gameplay model (although here we have a turn-based play), similar character models and the world itself looks very much the same. All of this makes these games look like twins.

The creators of Antihero have developed a one-player campaign. For those who are bored with it, multiplayer games have also been introduced. In the online clashes, you compete against other human players. Antihero is a multiplatform game, which means you can play with your friends regardless of what system or platform they use.

Antihero is a strategy game in which you become a villain, the leader of the guild of thieves. Download the game and take control of the Victorian Kingdom of England.
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