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If you’re looking to go old school RPG for a bit, check out Battle for Wesnoth. Battle for Wesnoth is an open-source turn-based strategy game with old school fantasy themes and art. It was released in June of 2003 by Wesnoth Inc. But despite being released over a dozen years ago, it is still being updated and maintained by the developers. Beyond the makers, players and the community keep the game fresh through a constant stream of mods to try out on the game.

How to Download Battle for Wesnoth

You can download Battle for Wesnoth by clicking the Download button at the end of the review. The game is also available for download on Steam or on the official website. If you love playing games on Android you should also consider download Battle for Wesnoth Android Port which you will find on Sourceforge. Be sure also to look for a good Battle for Wesnoth guide because it will let you hone your skills

The Game Review

Speaking of which, that’s why Battle for Wesnoth is still very loved and has a long-standing community. The open-source aspect serves as the pinnacle of creativity given the boundaries of the game. A much more modern game comparable as far as features go is perhaps Fallout 4 and its modding community that keeps the game much more enjoyable past its base features and gameplay. It may also be fair to say that both games without its modding community and community add-ons are considered incomplete and a major factor of appeal would be lost, looking back.

As for Battle for Wesnoth’s gameplay, players dive into the world as a runaway prince against the forces of the antagonist, also known as the Lich Lords. As the prince, from your fall you must go on a quest to reclaim the throne from an evil queen and her minions that block the path to her.

Craft the ultimate jewel of fire to aid in your journey and find allies along the way to aid your conquest back where you belong. With many ways to proceed and play, how you choose to approach any task is up to you. Along with its campaign and main storyline, there is an online battle system, that may or may not be fully functioning without guarantee for many reasons. One of them being the inconsistency of general online play player count.

Crafting is also its own joy in any game as Battle for Wesnoth features its many items for crafting that plays into different class sets and beyond. The core battle system works somewhat like a hex-grid battle system and features similarities to the original Fire Emblem series battles. Both have units placed onto the battleground and careful tactical movements around the battlefield with certain positions and actions triggered by how players move their characters give edges in achieving victory by knockout. Unit recruitment and army building also works similarly with encounters and hiring to build up a formidable team against any type of force.

On a more personal note, the simplistic design of the core game that also has roots of many famous games today, like the previously mentioned Fire Emblem, gives the game an appreciation and casual playback of the old days of gaming. On the other hand, these simplistic features have an endless limit of creativity due to the nature of the literal freedom the community is given when modding or adding to the game that gives it a fresh twist. Whether it’s trying someone else’s idea or making your own come to life, there is really never a reason to get bored in the world of Battle for Wesnoth.

Battle for Wesnoth
Battle for Wesnoth is a turn-based free strategy game in which you can play single-player campaigns or enjoy multiplayer battles. Download the game and enter a fantasy world inhabited by jovial dwarves, aloof elves, and nasty orcs.
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