Dungeon Warfare 2

Valsar’s dungeon tower-defense game Dungeon Warfare 2, the sequel to Dungeon Warfare, is a delightful throwback to the pixel computer games of the 1990s but with the conventions, one would expect in a modern PC title.

How to Download Dungeon Warfare 2

You will be able to download the game from Steam. To proceed simply click on the Download button at the end of the review. If you like the title there’s more good news, you can also download Dungeon Warfare 2 original soundtrack.

The Game Review

As a dungeon lord, you are in charge of devising a strategy of traps and other devices to thwart the invasion of your domain by brave heroes who do not have your best interests in mind. In a rare turn as the villain, Dungeon Warfare 2 lets you use a variety of fiendish combinations including traps, tricks, and baddies to not only stop the heroes but hopefully kill them in a gloriously creative fashion. Afterall, you are the dark lord that is in charge of this dungeon.

When you improve in your administrative abilities as a dungeon lord the array of traps and strategies you can deploy against your enemies expands. In fact, there are 26 unique traps in all with three upgrade tiers for each set of traps. And with 40 plus levels, each lovingly handcrafted, and 22 types of enemies to beat, Dungeon Warfare 2 will certainly drain away the hours of the day. In addition, there is a create-your-own-difficulty setting option involving runes that change up the game’s dynamics. For the achievement-minded gamer, Dungeon Warfare 2 has over thirty achievements to unlock.

The graphics are most reminiscent of the PC games of the 1990s, particularly the Lemmings and games of that ilk. That means the graphics, while basic, are charming and convey enough information to be able to distinguish units one from another. That’s a critical thing, too, because you need to know what you’re doing on the fly, especially when situations get particularly hairy. The game never really slows down except for in upgrade menus, and those are spare in number. Speaking of upgrades, as is typical of most RPGs you earn gold as you vanquish enemies with lower level peons earning less than higher-tier enemies.

This is another strategic consideration that players have to make as they play because they have to both manage their economy while defending their dungeon. Balancing this dueling needs drives a lot of the action in later stages. Earning experience opens up more options as well and players are allowed to customize their upgrades and spells somewhat so that they have a custom experience. This is charming but can seem somewhat arcane to people who are not familiar with role-playing game tropes. Most tower defense games are more basic in structure and tend to focus on the units more than anything. Dungeon Warfare 2’s complex gameplay is just another feather in its cap.

Another throwback is that Dungeon Warfare 2 does not have any actual story but is instead just a series of challenges. Many of the old tower defense games on the PC back in the day were the exact same and, instead of being a deficiency, it actually works to the game’s advantage in this case. This lack of a narrative focuses the player on the game at hand. Like the classic games from which it draws inspiration, mastery of the game’s mechanics comes to the fore as the levels progress.

Dungeon Warfare 2
Dungeon Warfare 2 lets you play as a dungeon lord who defends his domain from the onslaught of greedy adventurers. Download the game and prove you're a capable dungeon keeper.
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