Are you a fan of the work of J.R.R. Tolkien? Then you will love Elvenar, a game that lets you build the fantasy city of your dreams. Originally beginning life as an in-browser game akin to Farmville and the like, Elvenar is now a multiplatform title that is available for download on smartphones, tablets, and still right on your PC.

How to Download Elvenar

You can play Elvenar in a browser or perhaps download it on your mobile devices whichever suits you better. To start downloading click on the Download link located below the game review.

The Game Review

You have two factions to choose from  human or elf – and you set out from that initial stage on your mission to build a thriving metropolis. But you will construct homes for other fantasy-derived races like gnomes, dwarves, fairies, and dragons. These groups all contribute something different to the bottom line and are integral to your city’s progress.

How’s that for multiculturalism?

More popularly known now as a mobile game for smartphones, Elvenar uses lush graphics and addictive, level-based gameplay to keep gamers hooked.

A cross between a city simulation game and an empire builder, Elvenar lets you research and improve your realm, expanding its territory at the same time. This gives you increased access to resources and even better stuff. This, in turn, makes your more powerful and opens up more options for buildings.

A huge component of Elvenar is the community that plays it. A huge, thriving community of gamers, Elvenar is also welcoming and easy on newcomers. You don’t have to be hardcore to enjoy Elvenar, but being hardcore doesn’t hurt.

This is because trading goods and resources with other players forms a lot of the in-game economy. If you want to advance your city without expanding its realm and discovering new resources, you’ll need to trade for them. This will allow you and your trading partner to get access to things you need to advance your empire. It also introduces an element of cooperation in the game.

It isn’t a requirement, but once you get started with Elvenar, you’ll see why it is a good idea. 

That’s because most of what the game is about is building and expanding your city. And that requires resources.

If you don’t want to trade, you can always look at the microtransactions. But that is also not a requirement. 

So really it boils down to time: How long are you willing to spend advancing? Do you want a more slow-paced game or would you like for things to move more quickly? 

One of the best things about Elvenar is its multiple platform access. You can play on the go or at home in your browser. This is rare for most smartphone games which tend to be exclusive to that platform.

The presentation is pretty top notch and there is little to complain about. Beautiful, bright, colorful graphics and appropriately woodwind instrument-laden music do a great job of bringing the Tolkienesque atmosphere home.

8.5 Total Score
Elvenar Review Summary

A game for people who enjoy both casual engagement and long-term commitments, Elvenar is a beautifully realized mobile game that offers a compelling city building simulation. The community and the game combined make it a real stand out.

  • Build a fantasy city and watch it grow
  • Interact with an awesome community
  • Constant updates and new stuff
  • Reminds you of things like Farmville
  • Time commitment can be steep
  • The divide between sim and strategy means the game doesn’t really offer the best of either genre
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