Kingdom Rush Origins

Kingdom Rush Origins is a strategy tower defense game developed and published by Ironhide Game Studios. The game is the third edition to the Kingdom Rush Saga and was officially released on 18th October 2018.

How to Download Kingdom Rush Origins

You can enjoy Kingdom Rush Origins on PC or on a mobile device running iOS or Android going to Apple Store or Google Play Store. To download the game click on the Download link below the review. If you like tower defense games, why don’t you download and check the amazing Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2.

The Game Review

The game’s main storyline is a prequel where the main aim of the players is to defend their towers by using their elven armies. Players have to defend the mystical lands from numerous enemies including evil sorcerers, sea serpents, and gnoll tribesmen. The game is downloadable through the Steam software and is also available to play on the platforms of Android and iOS.

Kingdom Rush Origins is a single player game which particularly follows a storyline that took place before the battle with Vez’nan. It features a relatively simple gameplay where players simply to follow the campaign objectives and defeat the enemies that try to take over the land. Initially, players begin by building the basic structure of their town by developing numerous towers that they have to defend.

There are four basic towers namely Archer Tower, Barracks, Mystic Mages, and Stone Druids. Each of these towers has a unique ability, for example, the Barracks are used to produce an army of soldiers whereas the Archer Tower is used as part of the defense against enemies.

Once the basic objective of building is complete, players must now defend against a wave of enemies that try to take over and destroy the towers. For this, they have to strategically place their soldiers at the right positions, making sure that they defeat maximum enemies with minimal losses.

The developers of Kingdom Rush Origins have introduced newly defined features that make the game more competitive and interactive.

Some of these key features include new units such as new types of towers and soldiers, specialized tower upgrades that can stack up to 18 different abilities, improved boss battles, and upgrades of legendary heroes (you can by equip them with specialized abilities). Lastly, a range of difficulty levels has been introduced that let each player take part as per their previous experience of the game. Apart from that, there has been a general improvement in the overall graphics of the game as well.

Essentially, the game’s primary focus is on the story, however, as part of the new update, developers have introduced new types of game modes to play such as Classic, Iron and Heroic mode. Each of these modes have a unique main objective that players eventually get to complete as they play through them.

Kingdom Rush Origins
Kingdom Rush Origins is a fantastic colorful tower defense game in a fantasy setting. Download it now and see how the saga really began.
9.5 Total Score
Kingdom Rush Origins Review Summary

Overall, Kingdom Rush Origins is the perfect combination of being simple yet addicting. The game’s mechanics are such that even a new player with no experience can understand and become immersed. The award-winning Kingdom Rush Saga has truly managed to impress its fans once again by coming up with a genuine game that is largely focused on the gameplay rather than depending solely on high and detailed graphics.

  • The gameplay is simple and easy to understand, allowing players to instantly get used to the environment.
  • Relatively cheaper to purchase compared to most strategy games.
  • No web version is available for Kingdom Rush Origins.
  • The game does not feature multiplayer or co-op mode in any of its game modes.
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