is a game that I have had a lot of fun with over the last week or so. Actually, as a kid, we played a game similar to this in school! Anyway, if you are looking for a fun online experience that is a bit different from what you usually get. I really do think that you are going to have a lot of fun with Mafia. gg.

How to How Can I Download

You don’t need to do any downloads. it is enough to visit the game’s website, register and start playing. If you like such games, check out also our review of Town of Salem.

The Game Review

What exactly is Well, it is an online text-based game where you play with a bunch of other people. The game is split into two teams, you have the villagers and the mafia. Then you have many different roles between the two teams that you can play as. As far as I know these roles have been created specifically for this version of Mafia so that is cool.

The villagers need to find out who is in the mafia and get rid of them before they can take over the town. The mafia needs to kill as many townspeople as they can until they outnumber them and then they win. You have two cycles a day and night cycle. In the day the mafia and the villagers are all together and the mafia needs to make the villagers think they are with them to cause confusion.

During the night cycle, the mafia can have a secret meeting where they can plan who they are going to kill and how they are going to do it and actually do it. This is a lot of fun as there are many creative ways you can do this. Not only that trying to screw with the other team and have them kill one of themselves is hilarious.

What adds to the strategy is the different roles that you can play. Each role will have an ability that they can do. For example, if you are a villager and play as a Doctor you can protect a player from getting killed. If you are part of the mafia clan and pick Framer, you can then frame a villager as a mafia and watch them get killed!

There are a ton of different roles that the game has and while some of these are really just, the same, but with a different name. I found it a lot of fun how instead of being just a regular villager or mafia member. You have a role that kind of makes you a unique member of either team.

The games go by at a pretty quick pace and I found myself getting a bit hooked. It is such a nice change of pace from playing the same type of online games over and over again. Also, you can sign up for free so you really do have nothing to lose by giving Mafia. gg, a try.

I had way more fun with this than I thought I would. I would bet that as soon as you start playing this you will remember playing some kind of variation to this game when you were a kid. As I said it is free to sign up, so you might as well play a couple of rounds as I am sure you will have a lot of fun is a browser strategy game with players taking roles of villagers and mafia. Get on the web and play it now!
8 Total Score Review Summary

  • I like how much fun it is
  • Very easy to get into
  • Both sides are actually fun to play as
  • Throwing out accusations makes you feel like a master detective!
  • Different roles add strategy to the game
  • Some of the roles are rather similar
  • Some people just accuse everyone!
User Rating: 5 (1 vote)
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