Northgard is a real-time strategy game available for download. The story is based on Norse mythology. As a player, you control the Vikings who travel to the newly discovered land called Northgard and discover its secrets.  Northgard was released on the Windows PC platform. The developer and the publisher of the game is Shiro Games, which is known for Evoland and Evoland 2, the unusual productions showing the history of graphics development and game mechanics.

Download Northgard

To download Northgard, click on the Download button at the end of the review. If you download the game from Steam, if this one doesn’t run on your rig or you simply don’t like it, you can return the downloaded files. You need to do it within two weeks, making sure you do not play the game for more than two hours. The rules are set out in the Steam policy.

Northgard Review

The plot of the Northgard concerns the prince Rig. The main character sets out on a journey to Northgard for a reason – he is chasing Hegan – the murderer of his father, and the thief of the royal horn. Prince Rig travels with his most faithful companion – Brand from the Clan of Stag. The player (and of course the main characters) win new allies in the eponymous land of and unite more and more clans, which will then help Rig to avenge his father and contribute to the discovery of Northgard secrets.

Northgard draws from a handful of RTS classics, such as The Settlers and Age of Empires. Due to the plot set in the far harsh north, in the game, you will find elements of the survival genre. What’s more, one of the most important tasks for the players is to guarantee the survival of their own clans and live through the long, very cold winters. Amazingly – in contrast to other games – in Northgard you have to limit the number of buildings to just a few, usually from two to five. This is very important because this forces you to conquer the neighboring lands and allows you to plan tactically. You observe the world of Northgard from an isometric view.

To win, players must meet one of several conditions, such as reaching the center of the map first before other Vikings, defeating enemy tribes, and acquiring the appropriate level of fame in the eponymic land. Enemies in the game are not only other clans, but also for example, zombie fighters, mythical creatures and bloodthirsty wolves. You will also stumble upon mythical, mighty and beautiful dragons. Also, do not forget that during the game, you may encounter powerful giants with whom you can try to make friends or start fighting right away. You must not forget to be on your guard – enemies can lurk around the corner and attack at any moment.

It is worth noting that can play Northgard also in the co-op with another player. in its review gives Northgard a score of 9 out of 10.


Northgard is an RTS, in which you fight for dominance in the newly discovered land full of magic, riches and secrets. Download the game and show who is the most powerful warrior of the North.

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