Pit People

Pit People is a strategy game that contains elements of RPGs and adventure games. It is the work of the American studio The Behemoth. Your job is to lead a team of several people on their journey through a fantastic world, where there is no shortage of absurd humor. Although the game has already come out of the early access phase (the date of its release is March 2, 2018), the creators regularly update it.

As a player you must, among other things, collect new gear and develop the skills of each member of your party of heroes. During the game, all the events are commented by the narrator, who – interestingly – interferes with their course, causes a bit of havoc sometimes and makes you angry. Pit People has been released for Windows PCs and Xbox 360. The mechanics of the game are not very complex but the gameplay is fantastic, you will have a great time and you will laugh often. The numerous twists and turns of the story guarantee that boredom will never come.

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The Game Review

It is worth mentioning that the gameplay has two phases. One in which you will spend considerable time is played on hexagonal battlefields. You command a party of adventurers who clash with different opponents in turn-based battles. Another phase is the exploration of the world map in real time. Players have the opportunity to visit various locations, both rural and urban. While wandering, you meet NPCs, undertake many missions and get into more fights. In addition, you can also collect gold and items, as well as develop the skills of your characters, or modify their appearance at will.

It’s not easy to qualify the in-game world. It contains many fantasy elements, but in addition to bows and swords, the warriors will happily use machine guns, and space shuttles will pick up enemies that besiege a castle. On the planet, there is also a bear with six paws, who is bleeding green blood and introduces nearly unmanageable chaos.

We need to mention the narrator once again. In Pit People, he plays an incredibly important role having a great influence on what is actually happening. Rumor has it, that he is guided by mysterious and despicable force. Thus, a bit like a puppet master, the narrator changes the course of events.

The main character you control is a villager, Horatio. He is – as the narrator describes him – a modest blueberry farmer, a loving father and the most boring creature on the entire planet. As the game progresses, other people join the protagonist – including Princess Pipistrella, Gluten the cupcake, and Sofia – a specialist in the recruitment of warriors, also serving in the Spanish army as a conquistador.

The game has an interesting graphic design with cartoon artwork. It fits perfectly into this absurd world with its unusual humor. The game can be played solo but also in a two-player co-op mode both online and on the same PC. MadDownload in its review gives this great game a rating of 10 out of 10.

Pit People
Pit People is an unusual combination of a turn-based strategy game and an RPG game. Play alone or co-op and experience adventures in a very strange fantasy world.
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