Rise of Industry

Rise of Industry (formerly known as Project Automata) is an economic strategy game. The main character is a novice businessman, whose task is to start up his or her own company. It may be a business related to logistics, industry, agriculture or mining, or it may be one that combines all these areas. The undertaking requires, first of all, adequate financial resources and knowledge of the rules that drive the market. Rise of Industry has been created by Dapper Penguin Studios. It is released on the Windows PC platform by Kasedo Games.

How to Download Rise of Industry

The game can be downloaded in digital distribution from Steam and GOG platforms. To start the download, click on the Download button at the end of the review. At some point, the game developers offered a free demo download (and even earlier downloadable alpha versions).  The demo and alpha versions were available for computers with Windows, Linux and for macs. The demo allowed for 30 minutes of gameplay. However, none of these free downloads is longer available.

The Game Review

The player watches the game from an isometric perspective. The most important task faced by the main character is raising buildings and creating transport lines. The extracted resources must be delivered by boat, trucks or train to factories that produce various goods. Then the ready-made products have to be delivered to stores.

Due to the varied tasks that the players must face, Rise of Industry is played in various territories. They differ not only with regard to natural resources that may be found but also with regard to the fact that they will require putting different technologies to use. We are speaking, for example, about drilling tunnels under mountains or constructing bridges over rivers.

While building structures, the player must also think to make the best use of the available space. You do not play in a vacuum. You also have competition, which wants to strike it rich as much as you do. But you don’t necessarily have to compete fiercely, no matter want. You can also form alliances which can benefit both parties. The knowledge of marketing techniques helps here.

The player should, among other things, take care of the environment. The neighboring metropolises with which your businessman cooperates will not forgive you if you don’t. The problems you will face will be air pollution, toxic waste, or excessive deforestation.

You can play the game in standard or in career mode. Rise of Industry also offers a multiplayer mode, which allows two or more people to participate in a network game. You can either compete or cooperate against other teams.

In its review, MadDownload.com gives Rise of Industry a ranking of  9 out of 10.

Rise of Industry
Rise of Industry is an economic game in which as an entrepreneur you develop your industrial business, building farms, mines, or oil wells. Download the game to your computer and see if you know how to make business.
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