Shoppe Keep 2

Shoppe Keep 2 is a first-person perspective, adventure, and role-playing video game with an emphasis on management and strategy elements, developed by Strange Fire and published by Excalibur Games. It is the sequel to Shoppe Keep, released in 2016 by the same developers. The game welcomes the player in the world of “Customerania”, the open-world environment surrounding by the rolling countryside full of small houses, wolves, six-foot spiders, and angry mobs. The player steps into the shoes of the Merchant, who must struggle to run and manage his/her own Shoppe while slaying monsters and selling their stolen plates, and even bread and cheese.

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The Game Review

As the Merchant, the player has to establish the Shoppe in the land where laws and regulations are non-existent. The player is under threat from patrons, and there is the camp of the barbarians on the outskirts of the village, who are continually threatening people and invading if they feel like it. But the player can equip himself with a bow, a sword and, a staff to stop the illegal activities. The game introduces the smart AI (artificial intelligence) system, in which the customers will respond according to the class of items, price and more. The objective of the player is to rise his or her character from zero to a well-trained hero.

In the game, the player can select how he wants to conduct business. He might purchase his stock from suppliers across the open village or embark on the dangerous missions to protect the high-quality stock that will fetch huge profits and prices. Shoppe Keep 2 provides the player with the ability to play with buddies, in up to 4-player co-op mode. You will be able to manage and run a complex store with several players from across the globe, and if you show off the rare items you have acquired you will make your fellows jealous. Using the farming element, you can grow crops and harvest them to sell for a profit and take help from bots to make the tasks and objectives easier.

The game comes with an expanded character creator feature, enabling the player to customize Shoppe Keeper by selecting the skin tone, hairstyle, gender, and more. The game has a high-level warrior, searching for a good deal on powerful swords and weapons, but the environment around the player will change to reflect the wealth’s level that the town of the player has guarded via a Shoppe.

Shoppe Keep 2 offers the mechanics which tracks the stock that players from across the world are selling, sends the information to the server. The information will be used to manage the demand for items, markups that customers will locate and more. In the game, the player won’t only get to stock hundreds of items, but he is capable of using every single of them himself, each with different stats. During the mission, the player can equip herself with swords, maces, bows and a wizard staff to take down enemies to complete the requirement of each mission. There is an adaptable economy system that changes with the online community.

Shoppe Keep 2
Shoppe Keep 2 is a cross between a strategy and RPG. Enter a fantasy world and become a merchant who sells magic potions and gear for the brave adventurers.
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