Slime Rancher

Slime Rancher, a downloadable strategy game from Monomi Park, takes you into an open alien world where your basic task will be to become, yes you guessed it, a slime rancher. Before we go into technicalities, let’s mention the plot, because there is a plot.

How to Download Slime Rancher

You can download the game from Steam. To download the game, click on the Download button at the end.

The Plot

The protagonist has a name: Beatrix LeBeau which hints that she is a rare beauty. Pity we cannot see her though, as the game is played in the first-person perspective. Fate throws her several thousand light-years away from Earth where she begins her new life. And because it’s an alien planet, instead of cows she will have to take care of slimes.

Slime Rancher: A Guide How To Play

There are different kinds of slimes and they differ in color and behavior. When fed, they produce plorts. The plorts can be sold and Plort Market. And with the acquired money we can buy some neat things to grow our business.

Everything in the game is done with the help of a science-fiction toy called Vacpack. It looks like a gun and has a capability to suck in food, slimes, and plorts. The sucked in items can be projected out. So you suck in a carrot and throw it a slime. It eats the carrot and produces a plort. You grab the plot and shoot it at a device at Plort Market automatically acquiring funds for development.

Slimes, as well as different kind of food for them, can be placed on plots of lands. In the case of slimes, we can build there corrals. This guarantees a steady flow of plort as long as the slimes are fed. You should know that as far as food goes there are for example alien hens which are called Hen Hens because of them being twice as tasty as their counterparts on Earth. With each new discovery (new food, new slime, new terrain) a helpful Slimpedia pops up. There we can read for example that a carrot, next to a Vacpack, is a rancher’s best friend and that pink slimes will eat anything you throw at them.

The game controls are pretty intuitive. Mouse wheel selects vac slots as in each slot we can hold different things, up to a certain number of pieces. The slots can get filled up to the max in which case we cannot suck in anything more. With the left mouse button, we shoot what we have chosen. It is simple as that.

Slime Rancher: The Gameplay

The money we collect can be spent on various upgrades, for example, to make more sturdy corrals. These can be high walls or a music box that will reduce slimes’ agitations so they don’t escape. Other upgrades we can think of are air net which will prevent slime escaping, a solar shield that will let protect them from the sun or plort collector. The latter will relieve us of the tedious task of collecting slime goo.

The corrals are not the only structures we can build. Coop, for instance, will allow us to keep chickens in place. Incinerator, on the other hand, is a bit creepy place where we murder the slime we don’t need. Why would we want to that? Well, first of all later in the game we want to make room for the more profitable slime, the one whose goo is more expensive. Second, the slimes like to eat each other’s plorts and this can have very nasty side effects.

Curious what they are? Download the game and see for yourself. It ain’t pretty, so consider yourself warned. The price of the latest version of Slime Rancher is 19,99 euro or dollars. Downloadable from Steam.

Slime Rancher
Slime Rancher puts you on a remote planet. Your goal in this strategy game is to farm slimes and make money from this business.
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