SpyParty is a downloadable computer game that was created by Chris Hecker. The game is intended for two players who are supposed to play the roles of a spy and a sniper. Each of these characters has their own tasks to do. The game is available on computers with Windows and macOS. For now, nothing is known about the versions for Xbox One or PS4. The final date of the release of the full version of the game is still unknown.

How to Download SpyParty

SpyParty is currently available for download in the beta version, but work is still underway to develop it and introduce new rooms or various professions of the guests. On the website of the authors of the game, you can track the upcoming changes in the game (including progress when it comes to the game graphics). The game is available for download in the English language. SpyParty in the open beta phase costs $15 (which also covers the final product fee).

The Game Review

The spy should do all the tasks given to him or her without revealing his identity, while the sniper should track down the spy and find him among the other guests of the party. The spy has to do his tasks within the set time limit and at the same time pretend to be a party-oriented character guided by automatic intelligence. The spy may extend the time limit by approaching the window and ostentatiously looking at the watch (this is called a taunt). This is, of course, dangerous because the sniper is obviously watching the windows.

The developer, for those who want to get acquainted with the game, has prepared an early access version of the game available on the official SpyParty game website. The title puts emphasis on the ability to decode human behavior.

The Goal of the Game

The game ends when the sniper points his finger at the spy correctly killing him with a single, accurate shot. However, when the choice is wrong or the spy performs its mission without being detected, the sniper loses, and the spy is victorious.

In SpyParty you need to think logically, analyze human behavior and think about what the rival player is thinking. The sniper must collect all available information that will allow him to find the spy. On the other hand, the spy must behave so as not to arouse suspicion.

 During the cocktail party, the spy is tasked with performing the following missions:

  • seduce one of the guests,
  • contact the Double Agent,
  • plant a listening device on the Ambassador,
  • replace the expensive statuette with a false one.

Meanwhile, the sniper is outside and looking through the riflescope, watching the behavior of guests at the party. Based on the analysis of the available information, he must determine who the spy is.

The Hardware Requirements

The game has the following minimum requirements:

  • Dual-core processor 2 GHz,
  • At least 2 GB of RAM,
  • Graphics card minimum 512 MB,
  • Free disk space of at least 1 GB,
  • The sound card should be compatible with DirectX 9.0c.

SpyParty Tutorial

In this game, the most important player traits are perceptiveness and subtlety. Within the game, currently, 6 ready scenarios and 2 made for training are available. So the players can play the characters well (both the spy and the sniper) the developer of the game has provided a tutorial, which allows you to master the basics of the game.

SpyParty is a game for two people. One of them is a spy who attempts to accomplish the missions entrusted to him at an elegant party. The second is a sniper who watches all the guests and tries to decide which of them is a spy. Download the game and check out this fascinating competition.
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