Stronghold HD

Stronghold HD is a new version of a popular real-time strategy (RTS) which is played in a medieval setting. The game has also many economic elements. We play as one of the pretenders to the throne of England. We want o to reclaim the land and seize the power. To this end, we will build strongholds, wage wars, create new settlements and provide for our subjects.

How to Download Stronghold HD

You can get the game from GOG. Click on the Download button.

What’s New

Stronghold HD in comparison to its 2001 edition has not changed as far as the gameplay is concerned. The new things are high-resolution graphics and improved camera work. High resolution lets us view the whole map at once and of course, we enjoy more crisp visuals.

England is divided and we once again want to take control. Four rebellious lords stand in our way who will not hesitate to sacrifice their best men to upset our plans. Thus we commence our campaign which consists of 21 missions with an increasing level of difficulty. As we advance in the game, our stronghold grows in power and provides greater protection against the enemy forces.

Stronghold HD – How to Play

We begin the game with a handful of subjects and access to a wooden fortress. We can design the castles ourselves because the developers left at our disposal such elements like towers, walls, drawing bridges and secret passages.

The devs have also a nice surprise for the fans of economic games. We can choose to play in a special campaign where our task is only to build and develop our settlement without any need for fighting. Speaking of combat, it focuses mainly on sieges where two large armies collide. The attackers try to make a breach in the walls with the help of siege engines like catapults. The defenders retaliate with an arsenal of deadly weapons of their own. The most important of them is tar. We can ignite it with flaming arrows or pour down on the heads of the soldiers of the advancing army who try to climb the walls on ladders.

Besides the campaign, we have a number of siege scenarios together with an editor that allows for the creation of own fortifications. We can also compete with a fellow player. Now with the ability to zoom in and out of the battlefield, we can catch the whole of the siege on one screen.

Stronghold HD can be also treated as castle building simulator which allows for planning, raising and destroying mighty stronghold. With this title, we can submerge ourselves in a world of Middle Ages and fight against computer or struggle in a multiplayer mode against up to 8 players.

The game was developed by the British studio Firefly Studios. It is also their most well-known title.

Stronghold HD
Stronghold HD is a real-strategy game where you lay sieges or defend your fortress in order to rule the whole of England. Download and play it now!
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