Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena

Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena is a turn-based, hex grid tactics game by Camex Games. Games are usually fast-paced 3 to 5-minute strategy battles with intense bursts of competition in real-time multiplayer. Additionally, the game boasts an impressive roster of monsters influenced from commonly known figures such as Medusa, Griffin, Wukong, and the Mummy just to name a few. All monsters can be upgraded to slowly become more powerful with the unlocking of powerful skills the stronger they get. Each has their unique skills to help players take over the battlefield and it is the players’ job to guide and strategically position the monsters towards a path of victory.

How to Download Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena

To start downloading the game click on the Download button which you will find at the end of the review. The game is free. Watch out for the frequent updates that will enhance the gameplay.

The Game Review

The game has an Adventure Mode for players to get the sense of battle while recruiting new monsters along the way. There is, of course, the PVP mode, for players to take part in and ultimately try for the world treasure chest as the ultimate goal of all tacticians to prove their might. For the daring, the Guerrilla Warfare Mode throws an infinite cycle of bosses for the player to survive for as long as possible. And as always, there are the Training Grounds for those wanting to experiment with new formations and tactics before jumping into the fray. Taking note of turn timers and managing the health of the monster on the field all play an integral part in beating any of these game modes. A classic, like chess, where starting off seems easy but to be great comes with diligence and practice.

TMRA (Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena) also features a clan system to team up with players from all over and nearby. You can join or build up a clan to chat strategy, play 1v1 with clanmates, battle up together against enemy raiders, and trade cards to grow more powerful with the aid of the clan.

A similar predecessor worth mentioning might be Mighty Party or Duelyst the where core gameplay of hex-grid combat plays out at its strategic finest. Between the two mentioned games, TRMA finds a middle ground between the difficulty levels of hex-grid combat games as it may not be as intricate as Duelyst where micromanaging every aspect and turn are necessary but not so straightforward to put strong minions in a line in Mighty Party. Therefore, it makes TRMA the perfect starting post for those wanting to be introduced into the genre.

Fans of the strategy genre looking for a more fantasy alternative should definitely check out TMRA. Being a new release in the early quarter of 2018, the game will have many more updates and content additions available for current and future players so become an early player now and establish your reputation. For added incentive, the game also frequently features free items, rewards, and monsters to keep player morale high for one more play. It can quickly be a go-to game for any bored player.

Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena
Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena is a fantasy turn-based strategy game in which monster clash in tactical battles. Download the game for free and enter the world of tactical battles.
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