The Escapists

The Escapists is an indie game that is a mixture of different genres. It’s part a logic game, part an RPG, part and adventure game and part an arcade title. We could just simply say that is a prison simulator but it wouldn’t be saying much. We think it’s a strategy game! The studio behind the game is called Mouldy Toof. They are also responsible for a relatively unknown retro title Spud’s Quest. The Escapists was released in 2015 and we can play it on Windows systems.

How to Download The Escapists

The game can be downloaded from the Steam platform.

Prison Life

The Escapists takes us to a prison where we are contained as an inmate. There we do what every prisoner does, we eat, we walk in the prison yard and we interact with our inmates. We can closely monitor the daily prison activities and habits and based on our observations we can plan a spectacular escape. Just like in the movies.

Breaking out of the prison is thus the main goal of the game. The developers gave the players a lot of the possibilities. The many ways one can escape guarantees a huge fun factor.

Not only can we choose how to leave prison, but we can also choose the place of our incarceration. These can be a prison camp from World War II or a classic American prison where the prisoners all wear orange.

The game mechanics were designed in a very interesting way. We can collect various, seemingly unnecessary things, which as a result will let us create useful items. What’s interesting, we don’t need to escape alone. By interacting with the fellow prisoners we can earn the trust of friends who will support us in our endeavors. Observation plays an important role in The Escapists. It allows us to find weak spots in the security system or in the habits of the guards.

The Escapists – the Graphics

We watch all the action from the bird’s eye view. Graphics-wise, The Escapists look very much like the classic 2D productions. It feels and looks like the computer games from the 80s and 90s of the 20th century. The pixel graphics are just a nice addition to the mechanics that are the heart of the game.

If you dream of creating a character very much like the protagonist from Prison Break, it is surely a game for you. The multitude of choices, the game offers, is truly amazing. It’s hard to describe satisfaction the player feels when the elaborate plan he was preparing turns out to be a success.

The Escapists has also a multiplayer mode but we can also compare ourselves to other players by matching our scores against theirs on the leaderboard. The game has also a level generator. It adds to the replayability factor. Designing maximum security prisons one cannot escape from is a challenge which in way turns the tables.

MadDownlod in its review gives the Escapist a mighty mark of 9.5.

The Escapists
The Escapists is an independent studio's strategy game where you plan your prison escape. Download it now and break free.
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