Warlords I + II

I played the first Warlords game on my dad’s Amiga all the way back in the early 90s. It was really the second game that grabbed me back in the day, but now you can get Warlords I & II in a bundle which actually includes the deluxe version of Warlords II which is pretty awesome. So, if you want some 90s strategy action check this one out.

How to Download Warlords I + II

You can download a bundle that consists of both games from GOG.com. You will also receive manuals for both games and a map for the original title. To start, click on the Download button at the end of the review.

The Game Review

What really drew me to the original Warlords was it was unlike other strategy games I had seen at the time. The fantasy element that it had really did hook me in a way other real time strategy games did not at the time. As well as the fantasy elements, there are some RPG elements in this game too.

The game is set in a place called, Illura and there are eight warring factions that want control of the land. I always thought the Storm Giants were cool so I would play as them. All eight factions are in play at the same time and you can play against the AI or in a “hot seat” fashion with other players which is a lot of fun.

While the battle is a big part of the game. The original Warlords was impressive for its time for the other stuff it had you doing. This includes exploring areas of the map so you can get new people to join you and items and so on. This along with the strategic nature of the battle really does make the gameplay rather deep.

While I enjoy what Warlords I offers. For me, Warlords II (especially the deluxe edition that is in this version) is superior in every single way. You still have the hot seat gameplay which is even more fun here. Playing with other players and each taking turns sounds like it would be a chore, but it is a great time and a highlight of many a game night for me.

The core gameplay I would say is the same as it was in the first game. Warlords II though does have what I feel is more challenging AI. With more maps, fog effects randomly generated maps and more. Trying to steal enough of the land so your faction wins was more fun and challenging than ever before.

When this was released in 1995, Warlords II actually had pretty impressive graphics. If you had the rig to get the best out of it of course. This new release looks as good as the game can without the use of mods. I like the charm of the game as, it may be basic by today’s standards, but I have always liked the way that this game looks.

For a younger gamer who has grown up with strategy games such as XCOM or Strategic Command. Warlords ! & II may seem basic, but these games are so much fun. Each game is truly exciting and when you can get a few buddies to play with you in the hot seat mode, you will be in for a great time.

Warlords I + II
Warlords I and II are legendary turn-based strategy games from 1990 and 1993. Download them now and rule in this fantasy world.
8 Total Score
Warlords I + II Review Summary

  • This set features both games
  • Deluxe version of Warlords II is included
  • Hotseat mode is great for game nights
  • Light RPG elements make it an interesting experience
  • I really like the different factions and lore in the game
  • The game might be a bit basic for some
  • It can be very addictive and take over your life
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