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When I first heard about the game Weedcraft Inc I thought that it sounded like the coolest thing ever. I envisioned a game that would finally make me feel like Walter White from Breaking Bad! Well while that is not exactly what Weedcraft Inc is all about. It is as close to a mix of Sim City and Breaking Bad as we are likely to get.

How to Download Weedcraft Inc

The game can be downloaded from Steam. To proceed, click on the Download button located below the review. And if you like sims of dishonest practices you should perhaps also check out and download Thief Simulator.

The Game Review

There is actually a story that is running through Weedcraft Inc and that story is you are a dropout who decides that selling weed is the way to make his mark. The game has a map that showcases different places where you can grow and sell your weed. There are different “classes” of people that you will need to deal with.

You will need to deal with drug dealers, people who want to buy your weed, people to work for you and even the cops. There is a lot of man-management in Weedcraft Inc and that is probably my least favorite part of the game. Your people who work for you will level up and you want to build up a good relationship with them so that they are happy.

This makes them work better, but it can also lead to them being poached by other weed farms! Also, you need to keep the cops on your good side, do some espionage on other dealers and many other things. There is a ton of stuff going on here and I just wish it was a little bit more streamlined.

The actual making of the weed is what I had the most fun with. You need to water and feed your plants, but there is far more to this than you would think. You have to get the temperature just right and you can grow your own special kind of weed which is great. I got to a point where my “setup” was pretty well automated thanks to the people I hired.

So, then I spent most of my time trying to grow the most amazing weed ever! Then I would sell my high-grade weed to the tourists who wanted the good stuff and had the money to pay for it. This is where I made my money in the game and where I also had the most fun. Taking care of your weed is actually a real hoot and by far what kept me coming back to the game.

Dealing with all of “my people” I feel would have been better had the dialogue trees been a bit more varied and humorous. This is a management sim and to be fair I am sure there will be loads of people who love how deep and involved it is. For me, though it was just a wee bit too much.

I had a fair bit of fun with Weedcraft Inc and it is certainly a game I plan on sinking more time into. If you do like management games such as Sim City, Factorio and Stardew Valley I feel this is well worth a try. One thing I will say is that I really hope that the devs come back to this as I would love to see how a Weedcraft Inc 2 plays out.

Weedcraft Inc
Weedcraft Inc is a weed dealer simulator. Download it to see what it is to run such a business, which is illegal in many countries.
7.5 Total Score
Weedcraft Inc Review Summary

  • The idea of the game is pretty neat
  • It is a pretty in-depth management style game
  • Lots of people to hire and deal with
  • Making your own perfect kind of weed is a lot of fun
  • A lot of attention to detail
  • It does require a large time investment
  • Dealing with people can sometimes be a little bit much
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