Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic

Ever since Theme Park and Sim City, I have had a love for world-building sim style games. Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic is the latest one to come out and as I write this, I have spent a lot of time with it while it is in early access. The fact that this is a game that has a Soviet setting makes it stand out from all the rest.

How to Download Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic

The game you’re reading about can be downloaded from Steam. If you like dystopian strategy games, check out also our review of Tropico 6.

The Game Review

The goal of Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic is the same as it is in all other games of this genre. You have a country and you want to see it thrive, but getting there is the challenge. I think the fact that the setting for this is different from what I am used to in a game like this did make me get more interested in what was going on.

You have to manage pretty much everything that is happening in your republic. This means that you will have to get your people to go to work and make sure that you have plenty of resources so that your republic has a solid foundation that it can build upon. Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg for what you need to do!

While people having jobs is fine, you will also need to make sure that things like a movie theatre, bars, hospitals a good road system and so on are all in place. While in the early days, food will be people’s motivation for going to work. As you progress people want more and more and it is a rather delicate balancing act to keep it all going.

You can try and make your republic as self-sustained as you can. However, I found that trading with other countries was the way to go. I could get stuff that made my people happy and I could also make some serious money by selling what we mined and grew. The economy is always changing and what was once a big price export for you can change and be worth far less, so keep an eye on this.

Overall if you have played any other city building kind of game, you will know what to expect here. I think that Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic does what it does very well and I spent many hours playing it. It is the kind of game where an hour or two can really fly by as you get very invested in making sure your republic is nice and strong.

One way that you can have some real fun and also get some good ideas is by playing the sandbox mode. You have no limits here and this is where you can really get creative and come up with something pretty wild and insane. It is also something I have used to help me learn better city layouts.

The presentation is pretty solid. The game tries to be as authentic as possible and it features real Soviet buildings, vehicles and so on. Now I do not know what these actually look like in real life, but I do like the way that the game looks.

I have sunk a ton of time into Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic and found it to be fun and addictive. It actually reminds me of why I loved games like Theme Park and Sim City back in the day. I think it is great how you can play the game any way you want, get as in-depth as you want or just be a real jerk as a leader!

Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic
Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic is a city-builder which lets you create a communist environment. Download it now and enjoy the game.
8 Total Score
Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic Review Summary

  • Lots of different ways to build your republic
  • I liked managing my people
  • Getting resources for your republic is pretty fun
  • Building your actual city requires strategy
  • The sandbox mode is great for having fun
  • Not really anything groundbreakingly new
  • Not great if sim builders are not your cup of tea
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