3 Body Problem

Have you ever watched a show and felt that it was like they made it especially just for you? That was the experience I had with 3 Body Problem when I binge-watched it over the weekend it was released. This is a fantastic Netflix sci-fi show and I just could not get enough of it!

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The TV Show Review

Unpacking the Universe of 3 Body Problem: A Deep Dive Review

Now, before I go on. Let me say that I was ignorant of the fact that this show was based on a popular series of books by Chinese author, Liu Cixin. I was completely ignorant of the whole existence of this franchise, not just the books, but the fact that there was also a Chinese TV adaptation already made.

The reason I am saying that is because I have read that many people who loved the books did not feel like this was a faithful adaptation at all! It has actually caused a bit of a stir and I hope that it does not cause this to miss out on a second season. Hey, I get it! There are many books that have had adaptations that I have not cared for one bit, Sony’s Venom movie springs to mind! I hated what they did there, but others liked it.

The Intricate Plot and Characters of 3 Body Problem

So what is 3 Body Problem about? It starts in the 1960s during the Chinese Cultural Revolution in a pretty damn brutal scene to be honest with you. Young astrophysicist, Ye Wenjie sees her scientist father brutally murdered for his beliefs and she herself is imprisoned.

Due to her scientific background, instead of doing the backbreaking manual labor that other prisoners of the Cultural Revolution are, Ye is taken to a restricted scientific base on top of a mountain with a massive satellite dish on it. Turns out this dish is being used to try and communicate with extraterrestrial life and Ye actually makes contact!

The show then fast-forwards to the modern day. Here we find out that science has become “broken” with the super colliders all over the Earth displaying weird results that make no sense. A core group of scientists that have direct ties to Ye end up thrust in the middle of a huge conspiracy that will impact the entire human race!

A Unique Take on the Alien Invasion Genre

I am not saying any more than that about the plot here. I know that 3 Body Problem sounds like a typical alien invasion-style show, but it is so different from any other alien invasion show. There is no big spaceship blowing stuff up, no weird-looking creatures eating all the people or stealing the resources of Earth! The approach here is very different, mankind knows that the aliens are coming, but not for 400 years and it is about the preparation against this enemy.

The way that the show deals with the aliens and their approach to mankind is so very well done. From using an advanced VR headset to see who in humanity is worthy to sending some of their own technology to Earth to slow us down! 3 Body Problem is a show that just has a ton of stuff going on and I loved every part of it.

Now, I could see why for some people, the show has too much going on. It is a show where you have to give it all your attention. You cannot be playing around on your phone when watching this! To start with, there are sections that are subtitled, but just not paying attention for five minutes could leave you completely lost.

Special Effects and Surprising Moments in 3 Body Problem

One thing I want to specially mention is the special effects. I touched on there being an advanced VR headset, well the stuff in these sections is incredibly well done and plays with some interesting sci-fi type elements. There is another section with a big ship that is just awesome, especially when you consider that this is a TV show and not a movie.

The Cliffhanger Ending of 3 Body Problem: A Plea for Season Two

I was surprised at how bloody 3 Body Problem was. It is not full of gore by any means, but there are a few scenes that do not hold back. I think the fact that the show does have these extreme sections, but they are not overused does make them have so much more impact.

There is one thing that bothers me about 3 Body Problem and that is the ending. No spoilers here, but this show has a huge cliffhanger and as of writing, no second season has been announced! Why does Netflix do this? I have lost count of the amount of Netflix Originals I have gotten invested in that end with a cliffhanger ending that is never resolved. I hope that this has been popular enough to get a second season as I would love to see what happens next.

A Must-Watch for Sci-Fi Fans: Giving 3 Body Problem a Perfect Score

You may be shocked that I am giving 3 Body Problem a perfect score, but this show is a legit 10/10 for me. I have no complaints about the show (apart from the lack of a second season as of writing) and I am sure if you love sci-fi, you will find it very entertaining. I do think that this is a very special kind of show and I can also see why it would not click for some. Watch the first episode, you will either be hooked right from the start or know right from the start that this is not a show for you.

3 Body Problem
3 Body Problem is a gripping Netflix sci-fi series exploring humanity's response to an impending alien invasion, full of intrigue and depth. Download it now.
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  • I found all of the main characters to be interesting
  • This is one of the best sci-fi alien invasion shows I have ever seen
  • The special effects are incredible for a TV show
  • It is the kind of show that really makes you think
  • Some may be shocked by the violence and language
  • As of writing no second season has been announced
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