3096 Days

I will warn you upfront that 3096 Days is not an easy watch. The movie was the last piece of work by talented screenwriter Bernd Eichinger who had worked consistently since the late 70s and even worked on some big Hollywood blockbusters such as the Resident Evil and Fantastic Four movies. 3096 Days though is not a fantasy Hollywood movie, it is a brutal true story of survival!

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The Movie Review

3096 Days is based on the true story of the kidnapping of 10-year-old Natascha Kampusch. In 1998, Natascha was abducted by Wolfgang Přiklopil and she was then held for eight years. This is an abduction movie that does not hold back and for some people, the abuse and the graphic imagery and language may be rather tough to watch. They hold nothing back in telling this true story.

She was your typical happy-go-lucky kind of kid and that makes the ordeal she goes through even harder to stomach. The relationship between Wolfgang and Natascha is very disturbing. Wolfgang gives her just a little bit of freedom, enough so that she does not completely lose it. However, he is very quick to assert his dominance to make sure that she knows he is always the one in control! As I said, it can be quite hard to watch.

While there is a lot of abuse in 3096 Days and it can be very hard to watch. There is also a bit of hope in this story. Natascha is very brave and I think the movie does a great job of showcasing this and how while she was beaten down, she never fully gave up. I think that is a good message the movie has, even if it is hard to get there.

A huge reason why 3096 Days delivers the way that it does is down to the incredible acting performances. Antonia Campbell-Hughes plays Natascha and she is amazing, the hell she put her body through for this movie is insane. I was kind of disturbed reading about the severe weight loss she undertook for this role as well as the many injuries she obtained while making the movie.

While it is Antonia Campbell-Hughes that gets all the credit for this movie, I do have to say that Amelia Pidgeon who plays young Natascha does a wonderful job and she is a very talented young lady. I was actually surprised to learn that she has not been in more stuff than she has.

She really makes you feel for Natascha at the start of the movie and because of this, the performance from Antonia Campbell-Hughes is even more impactful because Amelia Pidgeon makes you care about Natasha right from the start. The kidnapper of the movie Wolfgang is played by Thure Lindhardt and he is very disturbing!

If you find these types of movies just too hard to watch, 3096 Days is not for you as it holds nothing back. This really is a brutal and heartbreaking story, but ultimately good triumphs over evil. However, the journey to get there is not easy to be on! I highly recommend this if you like dark and disturbing thrillers!

3096 Days
3096 Days is a true-story film that is based on the kidnapping of An Austrian 10-year-old girl Natascha Kampusch. Download it now.
8.5 Total Score
3096 Days Review Summary

  • This is a very authentic telling of a horrible incident
  • You truly do care about Natascha and want her to escape
  • All of the performances in this movie are phenomenal
  • It is such a powerful movie that it sticks with you for a few days after you have seen it
  • The movie may be a bit too brutal and disturbing for some people
  • There were a few notable community errors, especially a couple of scenes where Natascha’s hair would change rapidly
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