A Dog’s Purpose

A Dog’s Purpose is a movie that asks the questions “why do we live?”, “what is happiness?”, and “what is our goal in life?” When watching the film we soon realize that an animal is… also human. And as every human, it also frequently wonders and cracks its head over such questions.

Anyway, it was what the film director Lasse Hallström. had in mind when he created the picture. If not for his love for the animals, most probably the movie adaptation of the book of the same title wouldn’t be so authentic and convincing.

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A Touching Comedy

A Dog’s Purpose is a story of a dog going through a reincarnation process. Consequently, the four-legged protagonist starts to ponder the meaning of life. In its first incarnation, it is a golden retriever adopted by a few years old boy. It’s given the name of Bailey. The two become the best friends, inseparable during the playtime, in the sad moments or when it’s time to make serious decisions. When the dog’s life comes to an end there are a lot of tears.

The journey through life doesn’t end for our dog, though. In its next incarnation, it becomes a female sheepdog. Its owner is a policeman who holds a painful secret. But also this story doesn’t last long.

The next life is that of a corgi which is a pet of a nice woman. But the dog soon moves on, and after a while, it has a new identity again, begins a new journey.

In order to reach a happy ending, the viewers need to face many heartbreaking scenes. We witness painful separations, death, and human wickedness. Thus, we must be cautious, for if we can’t handle such emotions, we’re better off not watching the picture. Still, A Dog’s Purpose is a wonderful and wise lesson directed at the audience of all ages. Many aspects of what it is to own the pet are shown: the joyous and the sad, the positive and the negative. The movie makes us realize that it’s up very much to the pet owner how their relationship with the dog will be like.

A Dog’s Purpose – the Cast

The actors in the movie are the following:

  • the dog is dubbed by Josh Gad,
  • adult Ethan is played by Dennis Quaid,
  • adult Hannah by Peggy Lipton,
  • teenage Ethan by J. Apa,
  • and eight-year-old Ethan by Bryce Gheisar.

In the movie, there are also the parents of the boy – Juliet Rylance I Luke Kirby, and his grandmother – Gabrielle Rose. The author of the music is the British composer Rachel Portman.

The film is a proposition for the young audience who love pets. It’s a comedy and a family movie, although it has its sad and moving moments. The world premiere of A Dog’s Purpose was on 19 January 2017.

A Dog's Purpose
A Dog’s Purpose is a movie about a dog who lives many lives. It's great entertainment for children and adults. Download it and watch tonight.
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