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After We Collided (After 2)

After We Collided (also called After 2 in some countries) is shaping up to be the big success story in a covid-19 cinema world! No joke, as I write this, After We Collided has outperformed The New Mutants and it looks like it will surpass Tenet too! I was not a massive fan of the first After movie that was released in 2019 and if you did not like that movie like me, this one is not going to do it for you either.

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The movie once again stars Josephine Langford as Tessa and Hero Fiennes-Tiffin who plays Hardin. The “love story” about these two from the first movie was something that tweens and teens seemed to really enjoy. These two are complete opposites, but love knows no boundaries!

I felt that calling the first After a chick flick was an insult to chick flicks if I am being honest. This time around, Tessa and Hardin are out of school and in the real world. She has started an internship and wouldn’t you know it there is a second love interest at play here, what will she do! He is called Trevor and he is played by Dylan Spouse, the Spouse twin that is not Jughead from Riverdale.

Hardin on the other hand is so brooding, British, and handsome that he is kind of like a hot version of Eeyore that has come to life. We do at least get to find out a bit more about his backstory and the horrible relationship he had with his father so I give them credit for that. The first movie was so predictable, but this one is even worse! You know what is going to happen about 15 minutes into.

The acting in the movie to be fair is not horrible. I always enjoy Selma Blair in movies and she does the best she can here with what she is given. Even if her playing the mom does make me feel old. The thing is the story is just so uninteresting. Nothing of any great interest really happens and Tess and Hardin are two of the most “meh” characters I have seen in a movie in quite some time.

I may get a lot of hate mail for this. However, I was really rooting for something bad to happen to shake things up and make these two show some kind of depth and make me care about their relationship. By the time the credits rolled, I said to my wife that if they make a third one of these (which I am sure they are) I am out!

This 100 percent is not a movie for me! If you enjoyed After then I am sure you will enjoy After We Collided as it is just more of the same. I like a good romance a good chick flick, but this movie is neither of those things in my eyes. It is trying way too hard, but offering way too little to get the average person invested.

The most interesting thing that After We Collided has going for it is the box office. This movie was just thrown into theatres, yet somehow people are going to see it. It is pretty interesting in that regard, but when the most interesting aspect of a movie is what is happening outside of the theatre, you have to question if it is worth your time going to see it.

After We Collided
After We Collided is an American romantic drama movie based on the book by Anna Todd. Download it as soon as you can.
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