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You know about a year or so ago I wrote a review on After We Collided and I said that if they made a third movie, I would not watch it… Well, here we are around a year later with the third movie in the After series and my wife made me watch it on Amazon Prime! Look, if you liked the first two you will like this, if you did not, then nothing here is going to win you over.

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The movie has most of the same cast with Josephine Langford as our cute and naive Tessa. Then we have Hero Fiennes Tiffin as the ever brooding, complex, and “deep” Hardin. There is no Dylan Sprouse or Selma Blair here so the movie is already a bit of a downgrade in that regard for me personally as I liked those two from the first movie. The recasting of Mira Sorvino as Tessa’s mom is not horrible, but as a Selma Blair fan, it sucked.

So what is the plot this time around after they fought so hard to be together and have a great life? Well, Hardin and Tessa have grown up (even if they still look like teenagers) and they are trying their best to have a real happy future. Look, I am no stranger to romance movies, I actually enjoy them, but three movies in, I just found myself not caring if these two make it.

Without giving away any spoilers, the “revelation” about Tessa’s father in the last movie is brought up here and she learns a thing or two about her family which shocks her. The life that they want together so bad now feels like it could be all thrown out in the trash if they cannot make things work.

I have to say that After We Fell is just not a good movie at all. After watching, I found out that this movie and the sequel (yes there will be the fourth movie) are made by a different team than the first two and it shows. Not just in the cast changes, but in the way the whole movie is made, it feels very different.

The acting to be fair is not horrible and the two leads do the best with what they are given. However, what they are given is not all that great. I am sure if you have read the books, you may get more invested, but as a guy who just has these movies to go on, they have done nothing to make me care or route for.

The best thing that After We Fell has going for it is the soundtrack, this movie actually has a decent soundtrack and the song choices were very solid and fitting. The thing is, when the best thing you can say about a movie is that you did not mind the soundtrack, you know what you are dealing with.

Are you someone who enjoyed After and After We Collided? If you are nodding your head to say yes then you will probably enjoy this too. Just be warned that the casting changes and the changes behind the camera are very noticeable. I would love to say that I am in no way watching the fourth movie, but we all know my wife will make me!

After We Fell
After We Fell is a third romantic drama film that is based on a series of books by the American author Anna Todd. Download it now.
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