One of the craziest things about Aggretsuko is that this is one of the most relatable animated shows you will ever see! This is under the Sanrio umbrella so it certainly has that cute style you would expect. However, this is a series that is not aimed at kids at all and I think it is a ton of fun.

How to Download Aggretsuko

You can download or stream the film from Netflix. Click on the Download button at the end of this review and make your choice. If you this, check out also Regular Show.

The Movie Review

Aggretsuko is a Netflix original and I loved the first two, actually, I loved the first three seasons. I felt that seasons 4 and 5 opened things up a bit too much for me and while I liked them, they did not hit the same highs as the first three. I actually got really into this and have a couple of bits of merch in my collection.

What Aggretsuko is About

So, what is Aggretsuko about? Our main character is a mid-20s Red Panda called Retsuko. Retsuko lives in Japan and works in the accounting department for a Japanese company. She is trying her best to get by and deal with the pressures of trying to be a young woman in Japan. Oh, the big twist here is that to get rid of her stress, Retsuko loves to go to the karaoke bar and belt out death metal!

The Beloved Character, Retsuko

It is impossible not to love Retsuko. We get to experience her life as she deals with people that she cannot stand at work in addition to her overbearing mother, friends, and the guys she dates as well. There is a fantastic supporting cast in Aggretsuko and I think that the first three seasons clearly have Retsuko as the main driving force, but in season 4 they kind of shift focus so that other characters get a bit more of the spotlight.

Shifting Focus

This is both good and bad. I for one liked how the main focus was the life of Retsuko and her overcoming the pressures of her work and love life all the while trying to be happy and work on herself. I think that it was fun how other characters would get an episode about what they had going on, but it just felt like it took a bit of the shine the show had away. To be fair, I know for a fact some people love the last two seasons and the direction they took so it is a personal taste thing.

Surprising Relatability

While Aggretsuko is a show that is pretty over the top and about anthropomorphic animals living their lives. It is crazy just how relatable this show is! Seriously, you will feel like you have worked with people like this or have family members or friends that drive you insane like some of the people here. This may sound weird, but The Office is the best comparison for this show!

A Fun and Entertaining Show

Aggretsuko has become one of those shows where I am looking for something quick and fun to watch I will fire up. It is such a fun time and it has some fantastic characters that will make you smile, make you laugh, and also drive you crazy. I highly recommend that you check this out, it is one of the better-animated shows on Netflix.

Aggretsuko is an animated series about daily life of a red panda Retsuko who is a corporate worker. Download it now and have fun.
8.5 Total Score
Aggretsuko Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • There are some great and fun characters here
  • You will be amazed at how relatable the characters and events in the show are
  • I like death metal so I got a kick out of that side of things
  • I love how bright and colorful this is
  • There is no physical way to buy the English version of the show
  • This is a personal thing, but I do not think seasons 4 and 5 are quite as good as the first three
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