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You have no idea how excited I am to get the chance to write about Regular Show. Regular Show is not just the greatest Cartoon Network show of all time, it is one of my favorite animated shows of all time. Forget that, this is my favorite animated show of all time and a show that never fails to put a smile on my face.

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Regular Show ran for eight seasons on Cartoon Network and if you ask me, this has to be as far as you can push the envelope in a kid’s show before it is no longer classed as a kid’s show. From the language that is used, the clear alcohol and drug references, and the other adult themes that the show has! I am shocked that there was not more pushback from parent groups, although in some countries some lines were edited.

When you tell someone who has never seen Regular Show what it is about, you get a strange look. You see, Regular Show is about these two early 20s slackers called Mordecai and Rigby who work in a park, oh Mordecai is a blue jay and Rigby is a raccoon. All of the characters in this show are kind of strange.

The rest of the main cast consists of their boss Benson who is a gumball machine, Muscle Man who is a fat green dude, High Five Ghost who is a ghost, Skips who is an immortal gorilla and Pops, an old man with childlike wonder who is the son of the guy who owns the park. This cast could not sound any crazier, but it all works.

Each episode tends to start out being relatively normal, but ends up with a fight for survival, traveling back in time, fighting monsters, ending up in space, or something else crazy. Anything goes in the world of Regular Show and that is what makes each episode so entertaining!

Regular Show may have a lot of random stuff going on in the episodes, but I think the show does an amazing job with character development as the show progresses. Mordecai has a thing for a girl called Margaret and then another girl called CJ and in many ways is a hopeless romantic, but terrible with the ladies.

Rigby though has some of the best character growth I have seen in a “kids” animated show. Rigby starts out as a selfish, annoying, dumb little brother-like character, but his growth is massive. He ends up getting into a relationship with a girl called Eileen and he just seems to grow as a person more than Mordecai does.

The whole cast ends up developing in one way or another and it is great to watch. You can watch the show from season one to season eight and that is the way I would recommend that you do it the first time through. However, once you have seen the story unfold from start to end, Regular Show is one of those shows where you can just fire up a random episode or two and have a fun time.

Some people are not as keen on the final season as it is set in space. However, I think that the final season was a lot of fun and they did bring it to a close very well. I should also mention that there is a Regular Show movie and that is a lot of fun too and you can find that on DVD pretty easily actually.

One thing that I love about Regular Show is the soundtrack. Regular Show makes great use of actual songs, most episodes will have some kind of famous song in them and they always make the show better. They always find the perfect song for the right episode and I have a Regular Show playlist on my Spotify account that is a firm favorite of mine. However, I have always theorized that the use of licensed music is why the home releases of this have been so odd.

The release of Regular Show on DVD/Blu-Ray is so frustrating, especially if you are just getting into the show now. It has been released, but I ended up having to buy the complete season from Australia. However, if you want my advice and want the show on Blu-Ray, the best and easiest way is to get a bootleg on Etsy. I got a bootleg complete season 1-8, plus the movie on Etsy and it is all in HD and comes in awesome packaging.

If you love the show, I also want to recommend that you get the graphic novel, Regular Show 25 Years Later. It shows us what the gang are like in the future and it is so much fun. I really hope that Cartoon Network finances a movie based on it. Oh, I also want to mention that there is a fun crossover series of comic books called Adventure Time – Regular Show and it is awesome!

There is no way that I could review Regular Show and not give it a perfect 10! This is just such a great show, the kind of show that has just gotten better and better each time I have watched it. The creator of the show, J. G. Quintel also made another series called Close Enough which is like a more adult version of Regular Show and I suggest you check that out as well.

Regular Show
Regular Show is an animated comedy TV series about two friend - a bluejay and a raccoon. Download it now and see what they're up to.
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  • Regular Show is the greatest animated show of all time!
  • What starts out as a “normal” day at the park always ends in chaos
  • The cast of characters is amazing
  • The use of licensed music is the best of any animated show
  • It is way easier to get this on Blu-Ray/DVD off Etsy than buying it officially
  • This is a show that I have no complaints about at all
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