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The original Alien and Predator films are undisputed classics, they brought new growth to science fiction and action genres, but for me, it’s the 2004 mashup Alien vs Predator that really stands out.

While I wasn’t a fan of the sequels for either franchise, and I have to admit that Alien vs Predator is a guilty pleasure, there is a lot to like here, and the film has grown on me over time. In fact, while it may not be considered a critical darling, it’s a film that I genuinely enjoy watching time and time again simply due to the entertainment factor.

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The Movie Review

Alien vs Predator takes place in the early 21st century, after the events of the first two Predator films and before the events of the Alien films. When the Weyland Corporation discovers a mysterious pyramid buried under the ice in Antarctica, they assemble a team of researchers and explorers to investigate.

Upon arriving at the site, they discover a tunnel that wasn’t there just a day before, leading them to uncover the hidden history of the Aliens and Predators on Earth and potentially becoming caught in the middle of an ancient war. As the team delves deeper into the pyramid, they soon realize that they may have made a grave mistake in disturbing the ancient forces at work.

Director Paul W.S. Anderson’s Alien vs Predator is a bit of a mixed bag. Critics have pointed out issues with the film’s fast-paced editing, its uneven pacing, and its lack of the spirit of the original Alien and Predator films.

Hardcore fans may also be disappointed with Anderson’s treatment of the beloved monsters. However, despite these criticisms, I still found the film enjoyable. While it may not be perfect, Alien vs Predator brings together two iconic franchises and pits them against each other in a thrilling and action-packed showdown.

Despite some inconsistencies in how the Aliens and Predators are portrayed, I had a lot of fun watching this film.

I believe Anderson’s done a good job of preserving the essence of both franchises. He has cast relatively unknown actors to fight against extraterrestrial threats and focuses more on ideas and themes rather than solely relying on special effects and action.

Although the script for Alien vs Predator may be filled with cliches and tropes common to the Alien and Predator franchises, the supporting cast, led by Lance Henriksen as Charles Weyland, are all likable and charming.

While some of their dialogue may be cringeworthy, I still found myself rooting for most of the characters. Despite playing familiar character types such as the tough leader, the love interest, the company representative, and the nerdy scientist, the actors do their best to bring depth and humanity to their roles.

Overall, the cast does a good job of elevating the somewhat formulaic script.

On a negative note, fans of gore may be disappointed to learn that the film has been toned down and released with a PG-13 rating in order to appeal to a wider audience.

This rating means that we only see quick cuts of violent scenes, such as chest bursts, face hugging, and Predator kills, rather than fully-fledged gore. As a fan of both Alien and Predator, I do think it is a shame that the film was given a PG-13 rating, as these two franchises often excel when they embrace the gore and violence.

Not to mention, the fact that the editing s so fast and snappy doesn’t help; I found the film barely lets you take in a moment of struggle or violence, before quickly cutting away.

I do think this film could have hugely benefitted from the use of more music. The film has a very limited use of its soundtrack, and most of the time when the music does pop up, it’s not very good to be honest. I feel like this could have benefitted heavily from a more atmospheric soundtrack during some of the more intense action sequences.


In conclusion, Alien vs Predator is a film that aims to entertain, and for the most part, it succeeds. While it may not be a great film, it’s also not a terrible one. It incorporates elements of both the Alien and Predator mythologies but may not fully satisfy hardcore fans of either franchise.

Despite this, it still offers plenty of action and special effects to keep viewers engaged. While it may not be the most memorable or critically acclaimed film, it’s a decent choice for those looking for a sci-fi monster movie. That being said, when it comes to the Alien and Predator franchises, I expect more than just a ‘good’ film.

Alien vs. Predator
Alien vs. Predator is a science fiction movie that is a crossover of the two famous franchises. Download it now and see what happened.
4.5 Total Score
Alien vs. Predator Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • It’s fun and entertaining, a fast-paced film with lots of fan service
  • The action is well-documented, and decently choreographed
  • The dialogue is somewhat cringe and corny, even if the characters are decent
  • The PG-13 format does no justice to the Xenomorphs or the Predator
  • The editing is very random, with lots of intrusive cuts and jumps
  • The lack of music is a bit much
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