American Reunion

I am a massive fan of the American Pie series, the first three are some of the best “teen” comedies ever made in my opinion. While American Reunion is the fourth mainline and theatrical movie, there had been four other American Pie movies released by the time that American Reunion came out in 2012.

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The Movie Review

After American Wedding the American Pie series became a series of straight-to-DVD movies under the banner of, American Pie Presents with the first movie in this series, Band Camp being released in 2005. I have to be honest, the American Pie Presents series is nowhere near as good as the main four, but they do have some funny moments and if you like the humor in the mainline American Pie movies, you may have some fun with them.

The Return of the Original Cast

Anyway, after four straight-to-DVD movies, we would finally get Jim, Michelle, Stiffler, Jim’s Dad, and the rest of the American Pie family back for another theatrical release. While American Wedding was missing many of the main cast from American Pie 1 and 2, they managed to get them all back for this one here.

Life After High School

This time around they are no longer teenagers or early 20s young adults trying to find their way in the world, they are all fully grown and are now living their adult lives. One of the MILF guys from the first three movies is putting together a 1999 high school reunion and this brings the gang back together for the first time in many years.

Catching Up with the Characters

It is interesting to see where everyone is at. Jim and Michelle have a kid and their sex life is not what it once was. Oz is now a sportscaster on TV with a hot wife who cheats on him. Stiffler has a job that he hates and Finch claims to be a man who travels the world. I feel that they did a decent job getting you caught up with each of the characters and getting a little glimpse of what they have been up to for the past ten or so years.

Memorable Moments

American Reunion just like the other movies does have some very funny moments, but overall, I would say that this is more of a forgettable movie. I can tell you a whole bunch of funny moments and lines from the first three movies off the top of my head. However, for American Reunion, if I had not watched it again for the first time in years recently, I would not have been able to recall many scenes at all.

Final Thoughts

I am not saying that it is bad at all and I do remember being excited when this was announced and when I went to see it, but it just did not have the same lasting impact the other movies did. Hey, I am grateful that they made it, and while it may be a bit unrealistic how pretty much every one of the main characters gets a happy ending. For a movie like this, it makes sense to leave the audience thinking that all these people they have seen grow up and laugh and cringe with are leading happy lives in adulthood.

While I would easily put this at number four if I were ranking the mainline American Pie movies, I do feel that this was a good send-off for the cast. This is one franchise that I think they should now just leave it as it is. There is no need for another reunion or a fifth movie with the main cast at all. Keep pumping out American Pie Presents if you want, but let’s leave the regular American Pie book closed.

American Reunion
American Reunion is the fourth mainline film in the American Pie series, bringing the original cast back for a high school reunion. Download it now.
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American Reunion Review Summary

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  • It was fun seeing the whole cast back together again
  • This does bring the American Pie story to a close perfectly
  • I liked how everyone got a happy ending
  • Michelle trying to spice things up with Jim was hilarious
  • This is a fun movie, but it lacks the impact of the first three for me
  • While I like this, it is at the bottom of my official American Pie rankings!
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