Throughout the history of cinema, we’ve seen many films featuring animals as the main characters. From talking cats to heroic dogs, these movies have always been a favorite of children and adults alike. However, more often than not, these films have been cheesy, poorly written, and lacking in substance. That’s where Babe (1995) comes in. This film managed to break the mold, bringing a new level of fun and maturity to the story of a lovable little pig.

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The Movie Review

Babe is born on a farm and is initially destined to be raised for meat. However, the farmer’s wife takes a liking to him and decides to keep him as a pet. Babe soon learns that there is more to life than eating and sleeping, and he becomes fascinated with the farm’s sheepdogs.

Babe sets his sights on becoming a sheepdog himself, and he begins to learn the skills necessary to herd sheep. Along the way, he meets a cast of colorful characters, including the farm’s other animals, who help him on his journey. Babe’s determination and kind heart win over the farmer and his family, and he sets out to prove that he can be a sheepdog.

The storyline of Babe is simple yet beautifully crafted. The film takes its time to establish the world of the farm animals, and we soon become invested in Babe’s journey to becoming a sheepdog.

The pacing of the film is deliberate, with each scene building on the previous one to create a cohesive and satisfying narrative. We are introduced to a colorful cast of animals, each with their unique personalities, and the film manages to balance humor and heartwarming moments with ease.

The dialogue is sharp, witty, and often hilarious. It’s impressive how the scriptwriters managed to make the animals’ conversations seem natural and believable without resorting to overused animal sounds.

The character development of Babe is impressive, and we see him grow and mature throughout the film. The script also explores themes of identity and belonging, making the film both entertaining and thought-provoking.

Christine Cavanaugh, who played the titular character of Babe, did a phenomenal job of capturing the character’s innocence, determination, and charm. Her voice perfectly conveys Babe’s youthful energy and sense of wonder, making the audience root for him from the very beginning. James Cromwell was the perfect choice for the role of Farmer Hoggett.

His deep, soothing voice exudes a sense of wisdom and kindness, making it easy to believe that he cares deeply for his animals. The supporting cast of animals also deserve special mention for their excellent voice-acting performances.

Each animal has a unique personality and voice, from Ferdinand the duck to the sheepdogs Rex and Fly. Each actor brings their character to life with great skill and nuance, imbuing them with personality and humor.

One of the most remarkable aspects of Babe is the incredible pig training and choreography. The pigs in the film are trained to perform complex actions and movements that are seamlessly integrated into the story.

The attention to detail in the pig’s actions is stunning, and it’s impressive how the filmmakers managed to make the animals seem like they were genuinely interacting with their human counterparts. The pig’s performance is a testament to the trainers’ skill and the pigs’ intelligence as a beloved domesticated animal.

The Visuals

The film manages to capture the beauty of the Australian countryside, and the visuals are stunning. The animal characters are brought to life with impressive animatronics and puppetry, seamlessly integrated with live-action footage. The use of camera angles and framing is also masterful, with each shot adding to the story and creating a sense of wonder and magic.

The Music

…Not to mention, the memorable soundtrack composed by Nigel Westlake. The score manages to capture the film’s whimsical and heartfelt tone, with each musical piece adding to the emotional depth of the story. The sound design in the film is also impressive, with the use of animal sounds and foley adding to the realism of the world.


Babe stands out as a shining example of what a family film can and should be. From its excellent script and voice acting to its stunning visuals and heartwarming story, Babe is a true masterpiece. It’s a film that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike, and its themes of determination, friendship, and acceptance are universal and timeless.

As the old saying goes, “you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear,” but Babe proves that you can make a memorable piece of cinema out of a little pig with big ambitions.

Babe (1995)
Babe is a comedy-drama film that is an adaptation of a book by English writer Dick King-Smith (1922-2011). Download it now and have fun.
9.5 Total Score
Babe (1995) Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • Heartwarming and charming story
  • Excellent voice acting performances, particularly from Christine Cavanaugh and Hugo Weaving, with a phenomenal performance from James Cromwell as the Farmer
  • Stunning visuals and cinematography
  • Thoughtful themes and messages that are both accessible and nuanced
  • A film that can be enjoyed by audiences of all ages
  • Some scenes may be too intense for very young children
  • Slow pacing in certain parts of the film may be a turn-off for some viewers
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