Back to the Outback

Back to the Outback is another solid entry to the Netflix Originals Animated movies category. I actually think that this one is one of the best ones that they have done. I know that the movie is a predictable “road trip” kind of movie and the similarities to movies like Madagascar and The Wild are clear as day, but my family had a lot of fun with this one.

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The Movie Review

What I think sets this apart from other animated movies is that it was made with being a love letter to the more dangerous animals that call Australia home. The movie was directed by Clare Knight and Harry Crips with Crips also writing the script. I think that they did a great job and the movie has a very “DreamWorks” vibe to it which I mean as a huge compliment.

There is an ensemble voice cast here with notable Australian talents such as Isla Fisher, Guy Pearce, Tim Minchin, and Eric Bana. The movie starts in a zoo where zoo keeper, Chaz has a star attraction in the world-famous Koala Bear, Pretty Boy! Pretty Boy has let his fame and status go to his head and he is a bit of a jerk.

However, also at this zoo is an exhibit with dangerous animals. We have, Maddie the snake, Frank the spider, Zoe a lizard-type thing, Nigel a scorpion, and Jackie a crocodile that kind of serves as their mother. Jackie is taken away and that is the last straw for Maddie.

You see, this group of animals is friendly and just wants to be liked. However, the zoo calls them monsters, and people are always gawking at them and being scared of the way they look. Jackie getting taken away was the last straw and Maddie convinces her friend that they need to escape and head to the outback where they can live and be themselves without people judging and making fun of them.

There is a big problem and that problem is Pretty Boy! Pretty Boy hears what they are up to and tries to get in their way, they end up having to take him with them as Nigel the scorpion stings him! From here we have a somewhat predictable, but very funny and heartwarming story about these animals trying to get to the outback so they can live and be free.

I will admit that the story is one that is very predictable and it is very, very similar to The Wild and Madagascar as I said before. However, even with the similarities to other movies, Back to the Outback is a fun time and I actually think I like it better than those other movies! I like the humor here, especially Frank the spider who is lovesick!

There is a lot here for adults to enjoy as well as the kids and to me, that is always the mark of a good family movie. The animation has a rather interesting style and the way that they have made these dangerous-looking creatures look cute is something that they deserve a ton of credit for.

In all, Back to the Outback is a fantastic movie and one that I am surprised did not make more of an impact when it was released. As far as Netflix Originals Animated Movies go, I would put this very close to the top of the list. Be sure to give this one a watch as it is a ton of fun.

Back to the Outback
Back to the Outback is an animated adventure film from Netflix that was released in 2021. Download it now and see what happened at the Australian Wildlife Park in Sydney.
9 Total Score
Back to the Outback Review Summary

  • I liked the selection of animals that make up the main cast
  • Despite being deadly animals, they have a nice and cute look to them
  • The humor in the movie is fantastic and great for adults too
  • I love the animation style that the movie went for
  • It is very similar to a few other animals trying to get back to the wild-style movies
  • I wish this movie was more well known, not enough people gave this a chance!
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