Bad Boys for Life

I was so excited when I heard that there was a third Bad Boys movie coming out – after Bad Boys (1995), and Bad Boys II (2003). Bad Boys for Life could be the last movie in the series or the start of something new depending on how you look at it. Also, this is a movie that makes me feel pretty damn old as I was in high school when the first Bad Boys was released.

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This franchise and the way it has been released is really strange. You have the first movie in 1995, Bad Boys II in 2003 and then this one in 2020. That is a long period in between each movie, especially in the case of Bad Boys II and Bad Boys for Life. That though works to the advantage of the movie as we see Mike and Marcus at two very different points in their life.

The movie once again stars Will Smith as Mike and Martin Lawrence as Marcus and they are awesome. The relationship between these two is great. In this movie Mike wants to keep in being a “bad boy” whereas Marcus is ready to go home and spend more time with his family, especially as he is becoming a grandfather.

Things are complicated when someone from Mike’s past is released from prison and is hell-bent on revenge. This is a really cool plot and the “killer” is out for blood and has a list of people he wants to kill. He does not succeed in his first attempt on Mike’s life, but he does leave him in a coma and this is enough for Marcus to agree to be a bad boy one last time.

One of the things I got a kick out of with this movie was how in the original these two were the young and cool cops, but that is not the case now. They are tasked to team up with a group called, AMMO which is headed up by Mike’s ex-girlfriend! These are tech-heavy super cops and they are the new kids on the block. Who do their policing a little different than the shoot first ask questions later approach Mike and Marcus have.

At first, I thought the idea of this sounded lame, but actually it worked really well. I for one feel that they could easily do a spin-off with AMMO and have a whole new franchise on their hands. It is worth noting that this is the first movie in the series not directed by Michael Bay and you can really tell.

That is not meant in a massively negative way. However, the movie is much smaller in scale than the action blockbusters, especially the second one was. Still, this is a very fun time and if you enjoyed the first two movies, you are going to enjoy what is on offer here with Bad Boys for Life. I am not sure that we need another outing for Mike and Marcus and the running and gunning cops, but as I said a spin-off based on the AMMO team would be cool.

Bad Boys for Life (2020)
Bad Boys for Life is a third movie in the acclaimed action comedy series. Download it now and see what happened in Miami.
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