Bad Boys

Let’s be honest, if you are an 80s or 90s kid then you saw a whole bunch of movies growing up that completely changed your view of Hollywood and blockbusters. These films were so influential in their design that they completely brought a new twist to the genre of blockbuster films, and made sure that we appreciate how fun action films can truly be!

One of such films, it remains a cultural landmark even to this day. Sure, its legacy might be tainted by the recent revival, however the first two films in the franchise are still standouts. Bad Boys is a cultural icon, and the pop culture enthusiasts will know this for sure.

How to Stream or Download Bad Boys

You can stream it or you can download the film from a digital store. Click on the Download button at the end of the review. Check out also the third film in the second and the third film in the series – Bad Boys II (2003) and Bad Boys for Life (2020). And if you like buddy cop films, check out also Beverly Hills Cop (1984) and Lethal Weapon (1987),

The Movie Review

Before Men in Black put Will Smith in Hollywood’s top A-list actors, we saw him as Detective Sergeant Michael Eugene “Mike” Lowrey with everyone’s favorite Martin Lawrence as Detective Sergeant Marcus Miles Burnett. The story follows the two detectives in the narcotics department, as they solve crimes through the power of their friendship and joint efforts.

They still have been friends for a long time, ever since they were children, that’s why they are so accustomed to working together! Now the two friends must band together as a 100 million dollars’ worth of narcotics have been stolen from the Miami police department, and its their job to find out what happened or in five days’ time, Internal Affairs will shut the whole place down.

Now I can say for certain that this is perhaps Michael Bay’s best film. It is honestly such a triumphant film compared to anything else he’s ever done, granted, it still has the issues that persist in a Michael Bay film.

There is still the bad and corny dialogue, the overdone action scenes and a whole bunch of bad pacing that really posed this film down in terms of quality. However, the corny dialogue is quite easy and makes the film snappier, whereas the overdone action scenes are seriously fun to watch and are amazing in their practical and special effects.

The pacing is an issue, however with characters so interesting such as Marcus and Mike, the film never gets boring at all.

I think perhaps the main reason why this film doesn’t get boring at all is due to the main characters, played by the fantastic actors. Will Smith is a Hollywood gem, he is so fantastic in this film, every single moment that he’s on screen is by far some of the best work in any Michael Bay film.

On the other hand, Martin Lawrence is also amazing in this film as a much wiser character. The chemistry is off the charts, the two actors actually seemed like they have been friends for years.

The practical effects in this film are outstanding! Every explosion, every car chase, every single gunshot, and punch thrown, every stunt just feels so raw and fantastically put to display.

The one thing that I absolutely love about this film is how the sound quality feels, for a film set from 1995, this film had some fantastic audio work in general. But the main and most powerful aspect of this film in particular is its incredible cinematography.

This film wasn’t going for an art house feel, this was going for the classic 80s action film vibe and it delivers on that front to a 100%.

Sure, I’ve reviewed many of Michael Bay’s previous films, and I haven’t really liked any of them. I find them quite boring, over the top and honestly really cheesy. Though, Bad Boys is a film that doesn’t rely on the same tropes that Michael Bay relies on in his recent films.

There are no huge actors, there is no CGI or heavy over the top of the effects work being done, instead it is just a ton of practical effects, real time explosions and characters that have actual chemistry because the actors that are portraying them are invested into these roles.

Bad boys is a genuinely good film, it is not a great film by any means, though it is entertaining and it will be a fun movie night for anybody who’s Decided to watch it.

Bad Boys
Bad Boys is a buddy cop comedy film from 1995. Download it now and enjoy Martin Lawrence and Will Smith who are two detectives fighting crime.
8.5 Total Score
Bad Boys Review Summary

  • Fantastic practical effects, no explosion feels fake.
  • The two leads have great chemistry as their characters.
  • High octane action, super entertaining to watch.
  • Some of the dialogue is quite corny.
  • Uninspired villain, the bad guy doesn’t do much.
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