Basic Instinct

Basic Instinct is a movie that is so much more than that famous Sharon Stone scene…. you know the one I am talking about! This was released in 1992 and it was such a huge deal at the time and largely responsible for the rise of erotic thrillers and erotic thrillers getting a mainstream release.

How to Download Basic Instinct

Basic Instinct was released on March 20, 1992. You can download or stream the film from a digital platform. Click on the Download button at the end of this review and make your choice. If you want to see more of Sharon Stone, watch Catwoman (2004).

The Movie Review

With an amazing cast starring Sharon Stone and Michael Douglas, Basic Instinct is a hot and thrilling ride that has you wondering who really is the killer for most of the movie. I watched this with my wife recently and it was the first time in years since I had seen it. To be honest with you, I think I last saw this as a teenager and I always just thought of this as a movie that is just about sex.

Intriguing Plot and Complex Characters

However, Basic Instinct is a fantastic thriller that keeps you on edge for the whole movie. Michael Douglas plays the role of Detective Nick Curran. Nick is a flawed man to say the least and trouble seems to have a way of finding him. Nick is called to investigate the murder of a famous rock star and the main suspect is the rock star’s girlfriend, Catherine Tramell who is a writer and played by Sharon Stone.

Unpredictable Suspense

The brutal murder of this rock star with an ice pick is one hell of a case that Nick has found himself part of. Nick and Catherine have a real raw and hot connection and the two of them soon start a steamy affair. Nick soon realizes that death and murder have a way of being part of Catherine’s life and he is the basis of a character in her latest book!

A Stellar Cast

You suspect Catherine the whole time and this is by design. The movie wants you to think suspiciously of Catherine, but there are many other red flags with other characters that come up too. So while you certainly have Catherine on your suspects list, I feel that it is never 100 percent and there are others that you think could be in on this thing.

I do feel that we have to talk about the great cast that Basic Instinct has. No doubt, this is a Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone movie, but the supporting cast is great. George Dzundza, Jeanne Tripplehorn, and Leilani Sarelle to name a few off the top of my head are all very good in this movie and add to it.

A Timeless Thriller

One of the crazy things about me watching this for the first time in many, many years was that I just learned there was a Basic Instincts 2! I had a quick little read about it and people seemed to say it was terrible, but Basic Instincts 2 while nowhere near as good as the first movie, is a fun and sexy thriller that is way better than you would think. I would recommend watching that after you have watched this.

Not only does Basic Instinct hold up far better than I thought it would. I would go as far as to say it is even better than I remembered it being. I found this to be an exciting and sexy thriller that has way more to offer than just sex and one of the most famous scenes in cinema history. If you like this movie, I highly recommend you read up on it as there have been some very interesting pieces written about how groundbreaking this movie was.

Basic Instinct
Basic Instinct is a 1992 erotic thriller featuring Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone in a suspenseful murder mystery. Download it now.
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Basic Instinct Review Summary

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  • Sharon Stone and Michael Douglas have amazing XXX chemistry together
  • This is an exciting thriller that keeps you guessing
  • I was shocked at how great this movie is after all these years
  • That scene is just as hot today as it was back then, but the movie is far more than that
  • This is one movie that may be awkward to watch with others!
  • I have no idea why people hate on the sequel so much!
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