Batman Begins

Batman Begins is the first movie in the modern “Dark Knight” trilogy, directed by prolific and celebrated director Christopher Nolan. Most well known for his work on mind-bending films like Inception and Interstellar, Nolan’s Batman is a darker and grittier take on this beloved comic-book hero. Originally released in 2005, Batman Begins is regarded as one of the better adaptations of the Batman character in movie history.

While it might not be as popular as some of its sequels, Batman Begins gives us a solid origin story with plenty of fan-favorite heroes and villains. That said, does Batman Begins stand the test of time and remain an exciting watch over a decade after its initial release? Let’s see if Christopher Nolan’s first attempt at bringing the Batman to movie screen is worth the watch!

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The Movie Review

Batman Begins tells the story of Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale), the young inheritor of Wayne Enterprises, a massive corporation that helps keep the fictional metropolis of Gotham City from falling apart. One night while attending the opera with his parents, Bruce asks to leave early after being frightened by a bat-themed section of the performance. After a traumatic event earlier in his childhood, Bruce’s greatest fear are the winged creatures of the night, continuously providing him with nightmares and stress.

Unfortunately, just after leaving the theater, Bruce and his parents are attacked by a mugger, a sign that Gotham City is further suffering from poverty and crime. The altercation ends with Bruce’s parents being killed, with Bruce ultimately blaming himself for the incident. Bruce’s fear and assumed responsibility for his parent’s death overshadows his young life, resulting in a bitter and angry adult.

Over a decade later, Bruce’s antics have landed him a dirty and violent prison in Southeast Asia. After getting into a brawl with other inmates, Bruce meets a shadowy figure named Ducard (Liam Neeson), who offers him a better path toward fighting injustice.

Beginning a vision quest of sorts, Bruce travels into the mountains and begins his training with a dark organization known as the League of Shadows. Sometime later, Bruce returns to Gotham City and begins working towards cleaning up the city by utilizing his extensive combat training and unlimited funds. During his journey to becoming the Batman, Bruce befriends several companions, including the intelligent research Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman) and the honest police sergeant Jim Gordon (Gary Oldman).

Unfortunately, there are an equal number of foes who stand in Batman’s path, including a demented psychologist named Doctor Johnathan Crane (Cillian Murphy) and Gotham’s current criminal overlord, Carmine Falcone (Tom Wilkson).

Batman Begins offers a two-plus-hour adventure that’s full of fantastic action, great characters, and plenty of homages to the classic Batman comics. A good portion of the movie’s set-piece moments and climactic scenes are shot using practical effects, so there’s no shoddy CGI to speak of.

The script is also packed with intrigue and mystery, giving viewers a far more complex and interesting origin story than most superhero flicks. While it might be a bit scary for younger fans, Batman Begins is a great movie that sets an excellent foundation for future films. While there are a few problems here and there, the majority of Batman Begins is exciting, interesting, and worth your time.

Batman Begins (2005)
Batman Begins is a 2005 action movie that relates how Bruce Wayne became the famous supehero. Download it now.
8.5 Total Score
Batman Begins (2005) Review Summary

  • Excellent use of practical effects
  • Good actor and actress performances
  • The plot feels intelligent and layered
  • Occasionally cheesy dialogue
  • Too many camera cuts during fight scenes
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