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We are back with another classic Adam Sandler movie review! Big Daddy sees Adam Sandler once again team up with director Dennis Dugan. They made Happy Gilmore together which is my favorite Adam Sandler movie and one of my all-time favorite comedies. Big Daddy does not quite reach those heights, but this is still a super fun movie.

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The Movie Review


Big Daddy was Sandler’s first movie after The Waterboy. I remember being so hyped for this movie and I am happy to say it did not disappoint. This is another one of those Adam Sandler movies that I quote to this day. This is a top-tier Adam Sandler movie in my humble opinion and while it has a lot of laughs, this one also has a bit of drama to it as well.

Meet Sonny: The Slacker Protagonist

Adam Sandler plays the role of an early 30s guy called Sonny. Sonny went to law school but did not sit his final bar exam and he has been living as a slacker ever since. He just screws around all day and only works one day per week, getting by with a big settlement check he got for being in an accident. His father is always on his case, trying to get him to do more with his life.

The Unexpected Family Dynamic

Sonny lives with his buddy Kevin. The stuff with Sonny and Kevin’s girlfriend Corinne (Leslie Mann) is awesome, “hooters, hooters, hooters” if you know you know. Anyway, Kevin is heading to China for work and Kevin wakes up and finds a five-year-old kid called Julian in his apartment! Turns out, Julian is Kevin’s son that he did not know about and he has been left here to be raised by Kevin. Julian is played by both Cole and Dylan Sprouse, both of whom have become damn fine actors.

A Feel-Good Comedy with Heart

With Kevin not being there and Sonny being kind of crazy. Sonny thinks that by looking after Julian, his ex-girlfriend, who ditched him for an old dude will see him as responsible and want him back. Hey, it may not be the best or smartest plan, but it is a plan nonetheless. As you would expect, it does not work, but unexpectedly, Sonny and Julian really start to bond.

The Growth and Challenges of Fatherhood

Seeing Sonny trying to parent Julian is hilarious. They screw around by tripping up skaters in the park and trying to get a discount at the supermarket and it is a blast to watch. While it makes you laugh, you do see the bond between them really start to develop, but as you would expect things take a turn, forcing Sonny to try and “do better” he starts to give Julian’s life a bit more structure.

Emotional Rollercoaster and Resolution

Eventually, Sonny ends up in trouble and faces potential jail time! His buddies and even his mean old father come to his aid as does his love interest who just so happens to be Corinee’s sister! While there are many funny moments in Big Daddy, I do think that this movie has a lot of heart too.

Sonny may be a slacker and a tad on the crazy side, but you can tell he has a good heart and he does want what is best for Julian. The stuff with the kid potentially being put in the foster system and the stuff with Sonny needing to get his crap together gives what on paper sounds like a silly comedy a bit more weight.

Final Thoughts: Why Big Daddy is a Must-Watch

Big Daddy is a real feel-good movie for me. This is the kind of movie you can put on after a hard day and just have fun with and feel better by the end of it. I also think that while we do get a very typical Adam Sandler performance here, he does show a bit more of his range as an actor here too with the more emotional stuff. Plus, we get to see him teach Julian how to do a sleeper hold on Rob Schneider and that is awesome!

Big Daddy
Big Daddy features Adam Sandler as a slacker who becomes a makeshift father, transforming his life and forming an unlikely family. Download it now.
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Big Daddy Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • I love the interactions between Adam Sandler and Leslie Mann
  • This is another fantastic Adam Sandler and his buddies type movies
  • It is funny, but it also has heart and some drama too
  • This is a great feel good comedy that always cheers me up
  • I like her as an actress, but Joey Lauren Adam’s voice grates on me after a while
  • If you do not like Adam Sandler movies, this probably will not change your mind
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