Blade: Trinity

When it comes to the third installment of Blade, the comic book-inspired movie about a half-vampire hunter played by Wesley Snipes (who also hated the film), third time’s not the charm. Even if the plot of the last two movies weren’t the best, you could enjoy the action scenes. But in Blade: Trinity, it may honestly be the worst movie out of the trilogy. The third chapter ends the vampire series in the most generic way –  gimmicky, predictable, and unfunny.

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The Movie Review

After defeating the bloodthirsty Reapers, Blade finds himself alone in a war against vampires and humans. He forms an alliance with a group of young vampire hunters called the Nightstalkers. Meanwhile, Count Dracula, the King of Vampires, is awoken from his slumber by the vampire nation, who needed his blood to become day-walkers.

Blade and his crew, on the other hand, have created a virus that has the ability to wipe out the vampire race once and for all. In this battle, only one should remain victorious, a fight against the legendary vampire who has never known loss, against the greatest vampire slayer.

Now that Guillermo del Toro left the Blade series, screenwriter David Samuel Goyer has taken over directing the third Blade movie, which also happens to be his directorial debut. Del Toro’s horror approach to the previous film pushed the envelope for the franchise, and in contrast to Blade – Blade: Trinity, the third installment is well, devoid of any heart or soul.


But there’s more to it than that. Wesley Snipes was said to have been unhappy during the filming process, it could stem from the fact that he had less than 100 lines in the film, most of which were one-word replies. Blade: Trinity was off to a bad start.

What I disliked about Blade: Trinity is that the plot feels disconnected, as if it were two different films combined, which makes the transition awkward and the storyline useless.

The first part of the film is focused on Blade being wanted by the FBI, but then the plot moves on to vampire mythology, which is unrelated to what we’ve previously seen. This leaves room for huge plot holes too, such as where the FBI goes in the first half, and it’s confusing as hell.

That isn’t the only issue I had – Danica Talos and (especially) Dracula, the villains, have unclear motives and aren’t as fleshed out as others. But even Blade seemed hollow in the movie, and it overall just felt like one huge music video. And the heavy Apple iPod product placement further proves it.

There is one thing I liked in Blade: Trinity and its montages. The way they’re edited reminds me of 90’s MTV music videos, cutting in between the chasing scenes, fight scenes, and katana/archery scenes, combined with upbeat techno music playing in the background. It all leads to the film’s energetic appeal that mainstream viewers enjoy.

The action is the trilogy’s strength, not only is it well-choreographed but the actors did most of their stunts, having gone through intense martial arts training.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, Blade: Trinity felt more like a parody than a sequel. The witty dialogue, the great acting, the cool villains, are all gone. I actually loved the first two films and was excited to see the third chapter.

It had a hopeful premise, such as the writer also becoming the director, you’d think Goyer would know where he wanted to take Blade and how to get there, but what we get is a mess of underwritten characters and a story with no direction. If you loved the Blade series, save yourself from heartache by skipping this.

Blade: Trinity
Blade: Trinity is the third film in the series of superhero horror movies based on Marvel comic books. Download it now and see how the trilogy concluded.
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