Blade is now more than 20 years old, but this action flick is still fun to rewatch. This guy is one of the lesser-known Marvel superheroes, but he isn’t your typical action hero, donning neon spandex and fighting bloodthirsty vampires. Blade is somewhat of an antihero who, while being a bloodsucker himself, is also seen successfully slaying these bloodsuckers. Wesley Snipes, who plays the brave vampire hunter, makes watching the movie worthwhile.

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The Movie Review

Set in a world where vampires roam the earth unbeknownst to humans, on the streets, inside cities, and they work within government. Vampires also control the underworld, operating in the shadows, careful not get attention for fear that their species will be extinct if they do.

But one vampire, Deacon Frost, believes differently. In his eyes, humans are inferior and vampires should rule. A war against vampires is being waged by one man, or rather a Dhampir. His blood is contaminated with the vampire virus when his mother was bitten by a vampire just before birth. Despite his bloodlust, he possesses all of the vampire’s strengths and none of their flaws. The vampires call him the “daywalker.” His name is Blade.

The screenplay for Blade was written by David Samuel Goyer, who has worked on superhero films such as Man of Steel, The Dark Knight Trilogy, and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, so it’s safe to assume that the writing quality of this is good. Then you have Stephen Norrington, who has directed and done special effects for horror and action films.

Blade is pretty much in great hands. It was also successful in the box office and gained its own cult following. The film does a great job bringing Marvel Comics to the big screen. Before the movie, nobody knew anything about Blade except a few fans.

The best thing about Blade is the action, and it had more than I expected. There are sword battles, kung fu, and lots of gore. Blade kills the vampires in a number of ways, all of which they die beautifully.

The editing is excellent, and the action moves along at a rapid pace. Wesley Snipes as Blade is badass, and the actor isn’t known for long monologues or one-liners, so he never needed to resort to cheesy catchphrases. When he needs to say something, he does it so coldly.

I never expect emotional dialogues from Wesley Snipes as a viewer. He’s just the way I like him to be. Of course, martial arts is a piece of cake for Wesley Snipes. His experience with it makes him the perfect choice for the Daywalker, and he visibly had no difficulty executing the fight scenes.

Besides that, the makeup and special effects were fantastic! There was one club scene where a sprinkler showered vampires in blood, and it reminded me a lot of Carrie.

Oh, and combine all that with 90s techno music.

I did hate some things in this movie, one being the fast camera work, especially during the car scenes with Blade. Second, there are weird ways other bad guys die in here.

Blade injects some of them with a drug that makes them swell up and explode. It looks, well – gross and ridiculously fake. However, the story is good enough for a comic film adaptation, and the film has enough screen time to be taken seriously.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, Blade is dark, entertaining, and filled with action. I also think it may be one of the best Marvel movies ever. It has all the darkness and goriness that a vampire superhero film should have. Unlike Deadpool, Blade doesn’t have much comedy, so expect a serious tone most of the time. This isn’t a deep movie though, but it’s really fun to watch.

Blade is a 1998 superhero film based on the Marvel comic books character. Download it now and watch some blood-freezing vampiric action.
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