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Released in 2013 Man of Steel was the start of the DC Comics movie universe. There was a lot riding on this movie and at the time of release, it caused a rather polarizing opinion from fans. Today I am taking another look at Man of Steel to see how this first entry into the shared DC movie universe holds up.

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The Film Review

Zack Snyder was the man given the responsibility for bringing this DC movie universe together and Man of Steel is the movie that started it all. British actor Henry Cavill as Superman/Clark Kent and he does a solid job. He certainly looks the part and he got in truly phenomenal shape to look like the last son of Krypton.

This is a Superman origin story. What is most surprising is the opening segment that is on Krypton. We get to see the last dying days of Krypton as Jor-El who is played by Russel Crowe does what needs to be done in order to save his son. Krypton looks amazing and it is so well done that it leaves you wanting to see more.

On Earth, Kal-El is found and looked after by the Kent’s. Johnathon Kent who is played by Kevin Costner is amazing and serves as a real moral compass for Clark. Even after he is gone, you can tell that Superman and Clark asks himself “what would dad do?” when things are tough for him. I loved the father-son dynamic between Clark and Johnathon and actually feel it is the best of any Superman series or movie to date.

Superman’s origin is a billion years old at this point so this is not really a spoiler, but when Johnathon dies and he does so to protect Clark’s secret. It is heart-wrenching stuff, at the same time you are just screaming at the screen for Clark to get in there and save him even though you know he can’t. It is a scene that is done really well, one that is frustrating and heart-wrenching all at the same time.

The main plot of the story is that a surviving bunch of Kryptonians led by General Zod have found their way to Earth and want it for themselves. Of course, they do not care about humanity and actually try to get Superman to come to their side and help them restore their homeworld. I think the movie tries to make us feel that Clark is conflicted over this, but that does not actually work.

Zod is played by Michael Shannon and he is awesome. He has not only a fantastic screen presence. You can tell by the way that he carries himself that Zod has seen some serious action on the battlefield. He will do whatever it takes to bring back Krypton and if Earth has to be destroyed as a result of that so be it.

There are other Kryptonians that Clark must deal with as well, most notably Fora. Faora is brutal in that she will do whatever Zod asks and she will enjoy it if she gets to put a beating on people. Seeing Superman get to go toe to toe with other super-powered beings is fantastic and the carnage that these Kryptonian fights cause is a sight to behold.

Of course, the huge controversy with Man of Steel is the ending and what Clark has to do in order to stop Zod. Some people hated it and said that Superman would never do this, others liked how it forced Superman to act and do something that would save the world, but also take a piece of his humanity at the same time.

Man of Steel is a pretty solid movie. It does take itself very seriously, but you could say that about its follow up, Batman v Superman as well. It is still a fun time and for an origin story, it moves at a pretty brisk pace. The major highlights though have to be those spectacular action scenes with Superman fighting the other Kryptonians as well as the scenes that take place on Krypton itself.

Man of Steel
Man of Steel is a superhero movie which relates the origin of Superman. Download it and for a great adventure with the famous DC comics hero.
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