The Death of Superman

The Death of Superman is an action-adventure superhero animated film produced by Warner Bros. Animation and DC Entertainment. The film is the 32nd installment in the DC Universe Animated Original Movie franchise and was released on 24th July 2018. The film is directed by Sam Liu and James Tucker as it features a voice cast consisting of Jerry O’Connell, Rebecca Romijn, Rainn Wilson, Rosario Dawson, Nathan Fillion, and Christopher Gorham.

How to Stream or Download The Death of Superman

You can stream it or you can download the full movie from iTunes. It comes with subtitles and audio in several languages. To start simply click on the Download button at the end of The Death of Superman review.

The Plot

The film starts off as we get to see Superman along with the rest of Justice League being applauded for their work to keep the city of Metropolis safe. After saving the mayor of Metropolis from an attempted kidnapping, the Justice League notice how the intergang was using Apokolips technology. The technology is sent to S.T.A.R labs for further research.

Meanwhile, on space, a boomtube opens up a pathway for a meteorite which crashes 10,000m into the ocean floor near the East Coast in the Atlantic Ocean. Lex Luthor, an enemy of Superman who is under house arrest, escapes and sends his team to visit the crash site where they encounter Atlanteans. Much to everyone’s surprise, a 9-foot beast emerges from the meteor destroying everything in its path.

The Justice League without Superman comes forward in an attempt to kill the beast but fall as they are no match for it. Superman arrives at the scene as the last hope for the people of Metropolis. An intense battle between the two takes place consequently injuring Superman badly.

Lois Lane, Superman’s intimate partner, observes from afar and starts to attack the beast when she notices that Superman is about to die. When the beast comes forward to kill Lois, Superman makes a desperate attempt by twisting the beast’s neck into killing it but not without consequences as the beast stabs Superman right in the heart.

Superman is apparently deemed as dead, but the ending displays his casket being empty with a dark figure flying into the sky.

The Death of Superman Review

The Death of Superman is being termed as one of the best comic adaptations by most viewers who have gotten the chance to see it. The film is being compared to the live-action film Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. In one of the comparisons, fans believe that this time, the filmmakers got everything right as the loss of Superman is portrayed in a much more impactful way compared to Dawn of Justice.

The viewers get to experience the threat of Doomsday in a more real sense which automatically creates more hype for Superman to show up. In addition to that, the battle scene between the Man of Steel and Doomsday does not disappoint. The story and plot have been remade numerous times but the fight in this film arguably beats all the previous remakes.

Overall, The Death of Superman is an exhilarating action-packed film that, after a long time, has been entertaining to watch. Due to its increasing popularity, a sequel has already been announced to be released in early 2019. Thanks to a flawless ending, the tone has been set for what is to come next as fans are eagerly left to wait.

The Death of Superman
The Death of Superman is an animated superhero movie. Download it to see once again how the good ultimately conquers evil.
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