Justice League

Justice League is a 2017 action-adventure science-fiction film based on the DC Comics. The film is a sequel to Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016). Justice League features the cast of Ben Affleck as Batman, Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, Jason Momoa as Aquaman, and Henry Cavill as Superman. The film begins right after the events of Dawn of Justice as we see the earth’s mightiest superheroes gathered together to fight against the evil that is Steppenwolf. The movie majorly focuses on how Batman and Wonder Woman spread out to find and persuade other members to join them in their cause in order to protect the Earth.

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To enjoy an evening with Justice League full movie You can stream it or you can download it from iTunes. HD and SD quality are both available. To begin – click on the Download at the end of this review. Before this film, however, you should watch Man of Steel (2013).

The Film Review

In Justice League after the death of Superman, three energy sources known as Mother Boxes are reactivated after thousands of years. These energy sources were once used by Steppenwolf and his army to take over the Earth however he was unsuccessful in doing so thanks to Olympian Gods and the Green Lantern Corps. With the reactivation of the Mother Boxes, Steppenwolf again approaches the Earth in order to implement his evil plans once more. Meanwhile, Bruce and Diana, after being informed by this news, set out to find others with superpowers in order to make them join their team to fight against Steppenwolf. Batman manages to easily persuade Barry Allen, who is also known as Flash, whereas Wonder Woman successfully persuades Cyborg to join after he initially refused. Aquaman, who also initially refused to join is forced to change his decision after Steppenwolf invades his home in Atlanta during his search for one of the Mother Boxes.

The second Mother Box is also retrieved by Steppenwolf but before he can get to the third one, Cyborg manages to get his hands on it first and takes it back to the rest of the Justice League in order to analyze its power.

On the persuasion of Batman, it is decided that the last Mother Box will be used to bring back Superman to life. Although successful in resurrecting him, it turns out that Superman has lost all his memories of life before he died and hence, he starts attacking the Justice League.

As a last resort, Batman brings out Lois Lane, his wife, in order to jog Superman’s memory in which they succeed. Lois then takes Superman with her in order to calm him down and make him remember everything.

Meanwhile, taking full use of the opportunity provided, Steppenwolf quickly retrieves the last Mother Box which was left unguarded. Although the team of heroes tries to fight back against Steppenwolf, they are unable to take back the Mother Boxes, however, just as Steppenwolf is about to unite all three of the boxes together, Superman suddenly arrives to stop him after which, a battle takes place between Steppenwolf and all the members of the Justice League.

The film ends with the team finally managing to defeat Steppenwolf after a hard-fought battle. Consequently, the team decides to set up a central base with the addition of adding more members in order to prevent any further incidents that can harm the Earth and its people.

Justice League has become the foundation over which several storylines can follow up. The movie’s end hints that the Justice League will eventually grow and face a bigger enemy than ever before.

Justice League
Justice League is an American superhero movie featuring Batman, Superman, Wonder Women, The Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg. Download it to enjoy watching the battle of good and evil.
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