I remember being pretty excited about Bones before it launched. I was a huge Buffy and Angel fan so I was excited to see David Boreanaz in a leading role on TV. Plus, I like crime shows. However, it took me a while to get around to watching it, I think it was when season four started, I decided to go back and watch it.

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To be honest with you what sold me on the show was the comparison to The X-Files. Now, I took that literally and thought the crimes that were going to be solved may have had a “paranormal” twist to them and I will admit that assumption was my mistake. Instead, The X-Files comparison was due to the sexual/romantic tension between the two lead characters!

So, what is Bones about? It is a crime drama where we have a forensic scientist called Temperance “Bones” Brennan that works with an FBI agent called, Agent Booth who gets her help examining “bones” to try and help him catch killers and solve crimes. It is a fantastic premise for a show and I liked how most episodes were their own contained stories.

They along with a small team of people are great characters and Bones is a very character-driven show. While I came to the show for David Boreanaz, it was Emily Deschanel that became my favorite actor. I like how different Brennan and Bones are, they have fantastic chemistry and the will they or won’t they hook up thing is one of the more appealing aspects of the show for many people.

Agent Booth has real faith in God and tends to go with his gut most of the time. I thought that David Boreanaz was very charming in this role. Brennan on the other hand is an atheist and has a much more kind of “realistic” look at the world and the two opposing views that they have quite often cause them to clash.

As a crime drama, Bones is an ok one. Off the top of my head, I am struggling to think of a ton of really memorable episodes, to be honest with you. I like the ones that dive into the more “serial killer” territory to be honest with you. I get that the characters and their dramas away from the cases were a huge appeal for many people, but this was sometimes a turn-off for me.

Bones is one hell of a commitment. It ran for 12 seasons consisting of 246 episodes so it is a show that is going to keep you busy for a long time. I really liked the show the first time around and it is weird because if I wrote a review on it when I first watched it, I would probably have scored it at around an 8/10.

However, my wife saw that it was on Disney Plus (well here in the UK at least) and she said she wanted to give it a try so we did. We watched all of season one and got about halfway through season two, but the show just did not grab me like it did the first time around. Many of the cases were not that interesting and the will they/won’t they thing that was a draw the first time round had lost its charm.

I think that Bones is one of those shows that is a one-and-done. If you have never seen it and fancy a bit of a quirky crime drama series, give it a try, I think you will like it. For me, I kind of wish I left this one alone as my memories of it were far better than my second viewing was; that is for sure!

Bones is a crime comedy-drama TV series that spans 12 seasons and 246 episodes. Download it now and enjoy the mysteries.
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  • The two lead characters are great
  • I liked the “team” for the first few seasons
  • Some people love the tension between the two leads
  • Some of the cases that they try to solve are legit fascinating
  • The show just felt very, very bland when I tried to watch it again
  • I started to find the “tension” and even some of the other characters annoying
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