Brave is an animated adventure-fantasy film set in the highlands of medieval Scotland. Brave was produced by Pixar Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures on June 22nd, 2012. It is the animation studio’s first film with a female protagonist. Brave was directed by the duo of Mark Andrews and Brenda Chapman. The movie’s voice cast consists of Billy Connolly, Craig Ferguson, Emma Thompson, and Julie Walters to name a few, as the trademark Scottish accent is heavily used to extrapolate the movie.

How to Stream or Download Brave

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A Heroic Tale of Strength and Family: The Movie Review

Brave displays great acts of heroism and valor, applauding the strength of a female character and showing the importance of family alongside it. The movie features a headstrong princess named Merida who is determined to resist sacred aged customs. In doing so, she comes across a witch who grants her an unfortunate wish which forces her into fatal peril. Merida is then faced with the challenge of undoing the treacherous curse which if not reversed can cause permanent damage to her family. She embarks on a courageous journey of finding the true meaning of bravery and love.

A Tale of Tradition and Rebellion: What Brave Brings to the Table

Merida is characterized by her unruly red hair and they, like her, refused to be tamed. The opposite of a typical feminine stereotype, Merida invites the theme of women’s empowerment to the movie.  It also portrays a strong mother-daughter relationship and the outlook of a healthy family. Though the dynamics of the family are hindered due to Merida’s pride and refusal to be ordered, the ending of the movie is redeemed as the miscommunication and disapproval is surpassed by love, loyalty, and forgiveness.

Brenda Chapman, writer, and director, has drawn much inspiration for the movie from her own relationship with her daughter. The movie, also considered a fairytale, is set loosely in the tradition of Danish writer, Hans Christian Andersen and the German duo, Brothers Grimm.

Musical Magic: Behind the Soundtrack of Brave

The original soundtrack, also named Brave, is composed by Patrick Doyle and performed by the London Symphony Orchestra. To stay true to Scotland’s traditional music, Doyle used Celtic instruments to make it authentic.

He also composed several other songs for the film, such as the lullaby duet between Merida and her mother, and the drinking song, Song of Mor’du. The movie also features three other original songs, Learn Me Right written by Mumford & Sons, and performed with Birdy, Touch the Sky, and Into the Open Air, both performed by Julie Fowlis.

Critics, Kilts, and Castles: The Brave Verdict

Just like any movie, Brave too has had to face its share of criticism. The movie has been widely declared to be boring and uninteresting, and severely lacking in humor. It has been accused of being poor in the delivery of dialogue and overall just jarringly bland. Some have gone as far as saying that Brave has failed to be an icon of female empowerment and many have questioned why it took Pixar this long to produce a movie with a female lead.

A Journey Beyond Kilts: What Brave Truly Offers

Nevertheless, the film has managed to achieve more than a few turns of heads towards it. The plot of the movie remains appealing and could ignite more than a few interesting conversations amongst the viewers, as Merida embarks on a journey, not to find the love of her life, but to save the love that means much more.

Brave is an animated movie with a setting in Scotland in Middle Ages. The heroine is the red-haired girl Merida who wants freedom to be able to decide her own fate. Download the movie and watch her romantic struggle.
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