I had been keeping an eye on Bros for a while before it was released. It is directed by Nicholas Stoller who has made some comedies that I love such as Get Him to the Greek and Neighbors. Plus, it is starring Billy Eichner who had a hand in the script, I am a big fan of his, especially his role in Parks and Recreation.

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I knew that this was the big LGBT comedy for 2022 and I think that it is one of the more interesting rom-coms that I have seen this year. The main character is a man called, Bobby (Billy Eichner) who hosts a podcast and is one of the more well-known gay men in the city. After winning an award, Bobby tells people that he is taking the position of head of a gay museum that is opening up in New York City.

While Bobby’s professional life is going very well, his love life is just a string of random hookups with dudes and nothing ever serious. This changes when at a club Bobby meets the “hot, but boring” Aaron who is played by Luke Macfarlane. The two “Bros” start talking and begin hanging out together more and more.

There are really two sides to the story of Bros. On one hand, we have Bobby and his work trying to get donations for the gay museum and on the other, we have his personal/love life with Aaron. You can see that there is a spark between the two and there is some great chemistry, but at the same time, there is something with Bobby that is holding things back.

I found the movie to be pretty funny and it had some legit laugh-out-loud moments. I will admit that I found the drama with Bobby and Aaron to be the real highlight and while it served its purpose. The stuff with Bobby’s work and trying to open the museum felt kind of meh, but it did have an awesome cameo from Debra Messing, playing herself, and a great homage to Will and Grace which I thought was fun.

The whole movie leading up to the opening of this museum and how Bobby’s love life is potentially falling apart at the seams as it does is what really drives the movie towards its end. I do feel that they did a good job of making you want Bobby and Aaron to get together as they are both likable characters that have some fantastic chemistry together, so I do have to give the movie a lot of credit for that.

Overall, Bros is a decent comedy and one that I could probably see myself watching again at some point. Bobby and Aaron are two pretty awesome characters that will make you laugh and also make you care about them too. It is not in the running for the best comedy that I have seen in 2022, but I would still say that it is worth checking out if you are in the mood for a comedy.

Bros is a romantic comedy film from 2022 that has an LGBT theme. Download it when it is available and have fun watching.
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Bros Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • I thought that Billy Eichner as Bobby was fantastic
  • The movie did a great job of making me care about both Bobby and Aaron
  • There are some hilarious moments in the movie
  • The Debra Messing cameo was something that I thought was a lot of fun!
  • The stuff with the relationship was great, but Bobby’s work life I must admit did not interest me much at all
  • Some of the humor may be a tad too gross for some people, but it is a Nicholas Stoller movie so that is to be expected!
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