Business Proposal

I will admit that I went into Business Proposal not expecting much, but the wife and I were looking for a comedy series to watch and a lot of people were talking about this one. This is a South Korean TV show that Netflix managed to get the distribution rights for in many markets and it is one of the better import comedies that they have on there right now.

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You can download or stream the film from Netflix. Click on the Download button at the end of this review. If you are interested in Korean films, check out also Parasite (2019) and Squid Game (2021).

The Movie Review

One of the best compliments that I can give this show is that it hooked me right from the very first episode. What I think makes Business Proposal such a great show is that it manages to be laugh-out-loud funny, but at the same time it has a lot of heart and it really does make you care about the main characters. Even the supporting cast in this show is actually a lot of fun!

The premise of the story is so simple. We have this young woman called Shin Ha-Ri and she agrees to take the place of a friend of hers who has been set up on a blind date. The plan is simple, she is to go there and sabotage things so that the date gets ended, she can walk away and her friend will not get asked to go on a date again.

This should be something that is very easy to pull off, but there is a real problem! The person that she is on a blind date with is a man called Kang Tae-moo and he is technically her boss! He thankfully does not recognize her, but he has problems of his own. His grandfather owns the company he works for and he wants him to get married.

Kang Tae-moo sees this blind date as the perfect chance to get his grandfather off his back so he abruptly proposes to Shin Ha-Ri and this leads to a hilarious set of events as things just get more and more out of hand all the way until the truth has to come out. I will say that as a romantic comedy, Business Proposal has pretty much every cliché that you could imagine.

However, it really embraces these and instead of making you roll your eyes, you end up laughing and having a great time. The comedic timing between the two leads is great and I liked both characters. While they were thrust together on this blind date through no real fault of their own, they are both so likable that you want them to both be happy. The whole cast does a great job and while I was not familiar with them before I watched the show, I will be sure to keep an eye out for them in other shows.

I have really been enjoying a great deal of the content that I have been seeing come out of South Korea over the last few years. Business Proposal is just a truly entertaining show from start to end. There are only 12 episodes to watch and they fly by as they are such a great time; I really hope that this does get a second season and that Netflix picks it up.

Business Proposal
Business Proposal is a romantic comedy TV series made in South Korea. Download it now and see what happened on one blind date.
8.5 Total Score
Business Proposal Review Summary

  • I have not laughed this much at a romantic comedy in quite some time
  • The main cast of characters are so likable
  • It proudly wears its romantic comedy cliches on its sleeve
  • While 12 episodes long, each episode is a lot of fun to watch so you will end up watching it in just a couple of sittings probably
  • I have not heard any word on a season two just yet
  • If romantic comedies are not usually your thing, I cannot see this changing your mind
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